What Blizzard?

Evening beauties!! How are you all doing??

Did the blizzard hit you??

It was supposed to hit here (many schools closed and even my University closed at noon)…but it really hasn’t done much except rain/snow. It is still snowing, and has started to stick a little – but definitely nowhere near the 4-8 or 9 inches that they talked about all this week. Let down! haha

I was hoping for a snow day so I kept waking up (wishful thinking?) – but when it was 6:00am and no e-mail or text had “pinged” on my Blackberry, I knew school was ON. I got myself up a little later than usual (hit the snooze a few times…woopsies), I made myself a ‘leftover latte’ – this one hazelnut and added some cinnamon. Yummy – yummy.

I took the T to school today – just one of those mornings. I’m happy we DID have classes because I got my French quiz back and I did really well on it!! All that internal worry and freaking out for nothin’! haha School closed at noon – so after lab I quickly grabbed myself another coffee from the café (I’m addicted, what can I say) and made the trek home.

Lunch was another salad – this one with tomatoes, feta and spicy peppers. Yum. It hit the spot. I kind of lounged all afternoon and made myself a microwave brownie – putting it in for less time so that it was still sorta liquidy…hehe yummm.

A couples of cheese sticks and some Cinnamon Raisin Swirl also made it into my stomach by mid-afternoon.

Dinner included  sweeeet potato – baked/mashed- avec hot sauce. Nice and comforting.

In other news, today I was thinking about the progress I’ve made on my “New Years Resolutions” – I’ve taken up yoga (I need to work on it being more frequent though), I’m traveling to see my best friend later this year!!,I’ve definitely switched up my eats a bit, OH! and I want to go to Foodbuzz Fest!!

  • Any other Foodbuzz publishers thinking about Foodbuzz ‘10??
  • You guys make any resolutions?? How are they going??

Hope everyone is doing well!! We’re over half-way through the week! Yayyy!


14 thoughts on “What Blizzard?

    • I took brownie mix (I used “No Pudge” brand) and add a tablespoon of yogurt for every two tablespoons of mix. And I microwave it between 25 and 50 sec depending on the consistency I want!

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