Short N' (Very) Sweet

Hiii! Hooray for Friday night! haha Today was … rough. Oy. I felt like crap for the majority of the day…so I didn’t eat a whole lot. My stomach just felt … horrible. I did have 2 coffees…haha. What you thought I’d give up my caffeine for a tummy ache?? πŸ™‚

I got a salad for lunch – knowing that I needed something in my system. Spinach with a bean salad of sorts and then green beans and tomatoes.

I also noshed on some Animal Crackers during my last class of the day.

I am home this weekend — celebrating Singles Awareness Day (more popularly known as Valentine’s Day) with mi madre…as alas — no Valentine. C’est la vie.

But LOOK! Look at what my mom got me as a present!!!!

Sooo sweet of her!! Eeee!! So excited…figures BOSTON doesn’t have freaking Mighty Mapes but my small town in NH does. Has anyone had Bee’s Knees? I haven’t tried it yet. I assume it’s delish. πŸ™‚

I have yet to eat dinner, but it’ll happen eventually. My mom has too much delish stuff in this house.

Happy Weekend, to all!! (and to all a good night?)

  • What are your Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day plans???

12 thoughts on “Short N' (Very) Sweet

    • Oh no!! I hadn’t heard that!! but even if it’s true…I will enjoy every last moment I have with Mighty Mapes!! haha and thanks hun, I am feeling better! It’s a miracle what fluids and a good night’s sleep can do!

  1. aaah panera chocolate chip croissants are one of my favorite things in the word. they just opened up a panera across from the building i have all my classes in and i’m basically there every day

    • ohh i’ve been craaaaaaaving pain au chocolats like woah lately. have you ever tried cafe vanille in beacon hill?? ahh their pastry is TOO.DIE.FOR. not only is it absolutely gorgeous but it’s delicious, too!!

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