Snowflakes and Stumbles

Wow.Wow.Wow. Today has been a full and flaky day (snow flakes that is).

How are you lovelies? I hope you’re not getting the snow that we are getting – ick. I am soooo ready for summer!

Today, I had planned to wake up wicked early, and get a ton of stuff done – of course…I couldn’t fall asleep until after 3 a.m. last night, so needless to say, I slept in a bit. Not too badly though.

Around 9:30, I was up…not fully awake, but I was up. haha I made myself a cinnamon caramel latte…and that perked me right up. I chugged that sucker (well, as quick as you can chug something that is piping hot), got ready for the day and sped out the door into the wetness that is Boston today.

Boston is filled with some of the most stylish people I’ve ever seen (especially in terms of business-wear)…today, I was NOT one of those people. I decided it was not a day for form…but for FUNCTION. Sweatshirt and old jeans that don’t quite fit were on the menu. haha

So it wasn’t that bad when I first ventured out…it had snowed a little, but at that time it was just misting. Made for lovely slush. haha

I made it up to school — got a free, unexpected lunch snack plate of: a chicken finger, a small triangular spanikopita, a small spring roll and a chicken cordon bleu that they somehow managed to shape into a ball…oh, and an oatmeal cookie. haha

It was good. Not the healthiest stuff, but only one of each won’t kill me. Free food = good food.  All of it went un-pictured as I ran into a friend and we chatted over said snack plate. haha

I spent the majority of the afternoon in the Journalism Lab – attempting to finish up my logo design project. Bah. I’m sorry, I still…for the life of me…do not understand why this course is required for my graduation.

When I came out of the lab around 2, it had started to snow harder…


By the time I had gotten on the T and traveled home (10 min) and emerged from underground…it looked like THIS:

Yar. Big change. haha

I almost fell on my face –ohh, I’ll say about 10 times – during my walk home… needless to say, I was soaked by the time I walked in the door around 2:30…

It’s still snowing, and I’m sort of hoping for a delayed opening or something tomorrow…do they do that in college? haha

Oh!! Almost forgot…I had a microwave brownie this afternoon – cuz I’m obsessed.

Dinner…the almighty kabocha. Yum. Yum. Yum. Roasted this sucker.

Tonight will be filled with Olympics!

For now, I can enjoy watching the flakes fall in the light from the street lamps…snow is so much more enjoyable from the warmth of my apartment. haha

  • Are you a winter person??

I can be…but only if I’m prepared. I love to ski, but I never get the opportunity to do it.


10 thoughts on “Snowflakes and Stumbles

  1. ahhh i feel your pain! we got soo much snow here i tried to go on a walk today with my mom and we were outside for like 10 minutse before we turned around and opted of the treadmill. i hate this snow! it can be spring already lol. i love your microwave brownie:)

  2. I’m a biiiit envious of the snow… hahaha! I love Boston so much, your neighborhood looks awesome!

    ps: what is that microwave brownie again?? It looks amazing!

    • haha aww. i love it, too. i love my neighborhood! it’s small and safe and right in the heart of the important things…you know like good restaurants and shopping!!! 😀 i love the snow…in theory — it’s when i almost fall on my face on the sidewalk that i start to question how healthy our relationship is. :-p

  3. ahh newbury st JP licks!! love boston in the ssnow (well sometimes!) after a point it just gets slushy and messy! where do you live again?? WE NEED to meet up!!!! I bet we are so close! I live in clevland circle on the brighton/brookline border!

    • i knowww…i haven’t been to JP Licks since…..i don’t know when. I miss their froyo! i live in back bay! we do! i know we keep saying this but we really do!! i’ll shoot you an e-mail soon!

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