Everybody's workin' for…


Happy weekend, lovahs (not gonna lie, I first typed out something that resembled “lobstahhs”)…ahh, lobsters reminds me of Friends. “She’s your lobster!!”

Anyyyway, I am so happy that it’s the weekend…it’s amazing how such a short week could feel SO long!

I got to bed pretty late last night – thanks to lotttts of work…thanks to my amazing ability to procrastinate. Caffeine was definitely necessary — 5 or less hours of sleep? Yah, I wouldn’t have functioned today without it. A leftover latte stepped up to the plate – caramel with cinnamon.

Caffeine powered me through my first two classes – but I was starting to feel the lack of sleep around lunch time. I got the classic combo of a coffee and a salad..hah. Yar. Still delicious though. I didn’t take a pic cuz I got caught up in chatting with this lovely lady, who I discovered HAD a blog during our chat-fest!

I will “recycle” a photo…for the purpose of keepin’ it interesting. …is it technically recycling if I took the pic but it never made it to the blog? haha Anyway, double the size of the salad and that was my lunch.

I munched on Animal Crackers throughout my last class — necessary and FUN! haha

Got home…chatted on the phone…all that boring stuff. Oh – had a cheese stick, but that’s pretty boring, too.

And then I made the most amaziiiing dinner I’ve had in a while.


This pizza was made of a whole wheat wrap, 1 Tbsp. bbq sauce, mozz cheese (there’s more on there than it looks…it’s all hidden under the greenery), spicy peppers, red onion, mixed greens, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.

I browned the wrap first and then did just bbq sauce, cheese, onions and peppers. After that was heated through I added all the greens and cheese and heated it for a few minutes. Seasoned with salt, pepper & red pepper flakes. Pretty standard pizza-making procedure. My stomach is so, so happy.

It’s like a pizza and salad in one! A Za’lad? haha Okay, that was lame.

  • Anyone have any amazing weekend plans??

My dad is coming into town tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that. Other than that, I am really looking forward to a chill weekend.

Off to stretch away tension and relaaaax. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Everybody's workin' for…

    • California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Pizza started my love for BBQ pizzas…but I knew that I couldn’t eat that ALL the time…so this was my much healthier answer to it! I just love it. πŸ™‚ Sweet and savory and mmm – it hits the spot!

  1. I’m so amazed at how absolutely delicious that pizza looks!!!! I would’ve ordered that at a restaurant!

    I think the most fun part of my week-end is over… I went to this Louisiana-type restaurant and had a BLAST there with some girlfriends πŸ™‚

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