A Combo Platter

Hello, loves!! Thank you so much for the concern! I went home yesterday afternoon because I had been having some pain behind me left eye and blurry vision – -and well, yeah, I didn’t feel like messing around with my vision, and decided to hop a train home to get myself checked out. I just have to wear my glasses for a while instead of my contacts. Pretty sure I’ll survive. πŸ™‚

My eats yesterday were lovely (though once home, I’m not going to lie…I indulged haha). I enjoyed coffee x2 …I’m sure this surprises no one and a lovely salad (so happy that they had feta back at the salad barrrr!) before jumping on a train home. I also munched on a “Zone Perfect” Cookies and Cream. Yum…but more cookies and less cream than I thought.

Apologies for the awkward train ambiance.

At home, I indulged in some treats my momma bought for me. πŸ™‚ Love her…they included these amazing soft “biscotti” that a bakery near us makes…yummm.

Today’s eats went undocumented ’til I got back to my apartment. (Wish I could have stayed home with mi madre though…so much better than school).When I got back, I decided to pop open a new jar of MaraNatha’s Dark Chocolate Almond Butter . A friend of mine had alerted me to it on my facebook wall (my love for nut butters is known by all haha) and I just had to try it.

Ahhh. It is so good. The almond flavor is truly prominent, but it just tastes like a giant chocolate covered almond…which I suppose, is the point. Delicious!! The texture is smooth, and is perfect for how I like to eat it…by the spoonful. The only con…price. It’s a tad on the pricey side for me…though luckily I think it will last me a while just because it is so thick and dense aaand I have a *few* jars of PB to get through as well. haha

I spent the afternoon doing some (wishful) “spring cleaning” and rearranging my apartment. Productivity at its best. haha

For dinner…made myself a salad pizza again…not as successful as my first one, but good. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “A Combo Platter

  1. I’m glad you’re doing better!!! Not to sound like a mom but make sure you clean up your contacts properly and not wear them too long – I didn’t and because of that i’ve had ulcers in my eyes- twice! it SUCKS!

    I don’t know that I will ever have that almond-chocolate spread at my store… but I’ll keep my fingers crossed πŸ˜€

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