Just One of Those Days

Evening bloggettes. Rain.Rain.Rain has been the theme of the day here in Boston. It’s windy now, too – so I can hear the rain and the tree outside scraping against my window.

Overall, today’s been a pretty decent one. Productive…busy. Interrupted by intermittent beeps from my fire alarm (though I think I finally fixed it!!)…

I slept in a little bit, but was up with coffee made by 9. I knew I had a lot of reading and note-taking to tackle, as well as studying for a quiz and other miscellaneous stuff for school. I leisurely enjoyed my coffee and got down to business around 10…not too shabby.

Today was a grazing sort of day — I just munched as I got work done. An apple with PB&Co‘s White Chocolate Wonderful, dried apricots (which I took a picture of…but I’m not going to post it – they just look…wrong. haha)….were among the things I devoured throughout the day.

When dinner time arrived – I decided that maybe I should tear myself away from work and actually sit down to a meal? It was a much needed break (though, I did take little ones throughout the day).

For dinner – stir fry! yumm. Spicy, veggie-filled goodness.

What’s for dessert, you ask? (‘cuz you know…there has to be dessert)

The obvious. haha Microwave mint brownie. πŸ™‚

Sooo happy tomorrow is Friday — I’ll be even happier when it is Friday night! haha πŸ™‚

  • Anyone else ever have days where you just seem to graze instead of actually sitting down to a full-fledged meal?

I don’t do it often…but today was just one of those days.

Happy (almost) Friday, everyone!!


14 thoughts on “Just One of Those Days

    • not gonna lie, it’s totally FF Cool Whip — only like a tablespoon of it. totally not great for you, but it’s nice for a creamy bite.

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