Sunny Day!

Evening blogettes!

I have to say – what a difference a sunny, fair day makes!! I had been sorta in the dumps the last few days (as you could, probably tell…sorry ’bout that), but as I sat at my desk with my windows open a crack (it’s 43 degrees!!) and saw blue skies – it was like a switch was pulled and suddenly this week didn’t seem so bad.

Blue skies please don’t leave me again. haha My withdrawal symptoms are so not pleasant.

In other news, I just want to say THANK YOU for bearing with me while my mood was less than stellar. πŸ™‚ I really don’t like being whiney ’cause I know how good I’ve truly got it — and well, complaining doesn’t solve anything. haha

I think another reason today was fabulous was GROCERY SHOPPIN! haha

It always puts me in a fantastic mood, and well, the fact that Trader Joe’s had everything I neeed and I walked away with mounds of goodies that will last me at least through Spring Break (!!!) all for under $40…CVS, on the other hand, then took its turn and emptied my bank account (okay not really…but my grocery bill [20 items], and the bill for 4 CVS brand items should not be as close as they were)…and I just realized I forgot to get eye drops. haha Whoops…add it to the list.

Needless to say, the fresh air and the wicked nice people at TJ’s put me in a fabulous mood and ready to take on the day.

Earlier, I’d made myself a hazelnut latte (successfully! no spillage or burning to speak of!). Twas delish. Plus, I sucked down an exorbitant amount of water because we all know my apartment is the Sahara.

I had tackled a lot of my “To-Do” list for today, last night…so I felt I could enjoy it and lounge, but I ended up working on a storyboard for a Design Lab project. Caffeinated and work completed – two birds, one stone.

After grocery shopping, I allowed myself another little break which included a large amount of red seedless grapes *yum* and some TJ’s Kosher Dill Pickles. πŸ˜€ Odd combo, but delish. The pickles weren’t photographed. Oh and a cheese stick, too.

Dinner: a different sort of green rice. This was just the combo of salsa verde, brown rice, spinach, shelled edamame, and Laughing Cow Lite. Yum. Yum.

I’m really trying to cut down on the refined/added sugar in my diet. I know I don’t eat a large amount of it now, but even just today, I can feel the effects of not having PB and whatnot (plus, I don’t think it helped that I really indulged over the weekend) . A little headachey, but I know from experience that my body will be better used to it by the morning. I’m not eliminating it completely because snacks like LUNA bars get me through my busy school days and we all know my obsession with PB cannot be eliminated. haha However, overall, I think cutting down will make a world of difference.

  • Is there anything you just couldn’t give up?

PB is definitely one of those things for me.

I’m now off to study in order to conquer my first midterm of this semester. Eeeps! πŸ˜€

I hope you all are well –


13 thoughts on “Sunny Day!

  1. So i just found your blog and i’m in love! I seriously just spent a good half hour reading your previous posts (i swear i’m not a creeper haha). Can’t wait to keep reading. Good luck with your midterms!

    • i know seriously!! what is with this weather??! ohh, yeah, I agree there, too. Coffee = life – I think I’d be a zombie without it. I’m actually going out to visit my best friend in California. I’m so excited for some sunshine!!

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