Buhbye Stress

Hello, hello beauties!! Happy Wednesday! The week is halfway over — celebraaation! πŸ™‚

Today was a really good day (even though it was grossly dreary! come back sun!!) – I got back my French quiz that I took after my lovely early morning, fire-alarm wake up call. Aced it! Hooooray! haha I was, honestly, worried about that one, and she mentioned how poorly some people did on Monday so that made me worry even more. Phew. Stress 1: fini!

Stress 2: journalism midterm. I think I did great on it – and it was allll short answer. That was all done by early afternoon so Stress 2 – byebye!

Obvs, my day began with a leftover latte (caramel flavahhed).

In the 2nd hour of my French lab, I munched on a Caramel Nut Brownie LUNA Bar. This is one of my favorites, too! I just keep discovering more flavors I love. Props to LUNA.

When I got home I munched on some new TJ’s dried apricots (they are much more photogenic than the last ones I had!), a cheese stick and then a banana. A fruit and cheese plate of sorts…minus the plate.

That kept me full most of the afternoon where I just sort of lounged. The grey skies made that reeeeaaaalllly easy. haha πŸ™‚

Dinner…a familiar player: Tortilla Pizza! I used a new tortilla – Trader Jose’s Handmade 100% Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas. I love them for pizzas! They crisp up really well!! Mine got a little dark, but it was perfect.

On a somber note – I just want to acknowledge the tragic death of Chelsea King, in California. My prayers are certainly with her family – and it’s just a startling reminder that we ALL need to be careful when running, walking or generally being out and about on our own. For those who might not know of the story, Chelsea is a 17 y/o girl from San Diego who went running in a park in her town, and then went missing. Today officials uncovered what they believe to be her body. For the entire story, click here.

I know a lot of women run solo, and this story is just so heartbreaking and disgusting. My heart goes out to her family.

It’s not about being paranoid, but it’s about being aware.

Love.love.love. to all of you!! ❀ ❀


14 thoughts on “Buhbye Stress

  1. Your eats look fantastic! I was wondering–what school do you go to? I’m also in a journalism program (at UNC-Chapel Hill) and I’m always interested in meeting other journalist/PR/Writing types.

    • Agreed – it’s easy to just forget that there are creepers out there! And seriously – they are so good! I have not had a bad flavor…the flavors have been good, better and best! in my opinion. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh that is so sad…. 😦 I’m always a little worried when it comes to running outside, whether it’s what happened to Chelsea or even getting into an accident or something…

    • It’s easy to forget about the creepy people in the world…it’s why I don’t walk around the city with my ear buds in…I hear weird ass stuff from homeless people but at least I can hear what’s going on around me. πŸ™‚

    • mhmm. i find that sometimes it’s so hard to get a tortilla be completely crisp…some parts will still be chewy while other burn…these ones toast to perfectionnn!

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