Food & Fashion. Is there anything better?

Hello lovelies!! I hope everyone had an amazing Monday!! Rarely can I say that I truly enjoy a Monday (that isn’t during a vacation…haha), but today was an exception.It was absolutely stunning out. It was one of those days that makes you think that winter might actually be over…however, I don’t trust New England weather that much…sooo I’m not holding my breath for this weather to continue – however, I am enjoying it to the fullest!!

Last night was the Academy Awards!! Who watched?! I really enjoyed the show…I was especially happy for Sandra Bullock…she is truly an amazing, humble person (well, from what I hear).

I watched all of the red carpet pre-shows – E!’s was by far my favorite…ABC’s…was awkward. Their interviewers were … awkward….especially Kathy Ireland. People are commenting on her being drunk or on some sort of drug…but honestly, I think it was that she was nervous and that she was completely inexperienced at what she was doing…I think she scared some of the people she interviewed. Kudos for the try, though – I know I probably would not have fared much better.

I love, love, love the fashion, makeup, etc…and these are a few of my faves:

[source for all photos]

I know it's easy for a guy to put on a tux...but he's just so darn beautiful I couldn't resist.

White is hard to pull off, and Meryl looks beautiful and always.

I absolutely adore Kate, and I think she looked beautiful.


On to my eats! Even though today was beautiful, it didn’t make it much easier to get out of bed after staying up to watch the show. I crawllllled out of bed and made myself a nice hot cup of coffee. πŸ™‚

My first couple of classes went by without a hitch, and I enjoyed these suckers during a small break.

I walked home (soaking up the sun!) and once back at my apartment threw open allll of the windows. I love how alive the city becomes on gorgeous days like this.

I enjoyed some string cheese, a banana and White Chocolate Wonderful for an afternoon snack/lunch deal.Delicious.

And I sat down and began to tackle my color-coded to-do list.

And dinner came a little early. Hungry.Hungry.(Hippos).

On the menu…none other than my torilla pizza. I know, I know – I’m sorry to keep repeating it, but it’s just so darn good…I CRAVE it!

Tonight – I hope to get most of my French study guide finished – just so that I can really buckle down tomorrow afternoon because I’ve got a couple of meetings throughout the day. Fancy-schmancy. haha

I hope you all are fabulous!!!!

  • Did you have a favorite moment or fashion or ANYTHING from the Oscars??

Mine was definitely Sandy winning – she wholeheartedly deserved that, in my opinion.OH!! AND Neil Patrick Harris at the beginning – I love him, too and that was fabbbulous!!



12 thoughts on “Food & Fashion. Is there anything better?

  1. I loved when Sandra Bullock won was well. I loved her dress and meryl’s and anna kendrick’s dress was pretty but not the right colour for her. Kate Winslet look gorgeous as well, I wish she had been nominated again this year.

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