A lil late

Hey lovelies! It’s a bit later than I intended to blog — but I didn’t get to eat until a little while ago soooo here we are!! haha

Happy Friday!!! It’s finally spring break for me – though it has NOT felt it this afternoon…stress.stress.stress. And allergies. booo.

My allergies (I forget if I mentioned them at all before) have made me all stuffy – which has made my taste buds a little wonky and my appetite…faaaaairly nonexistant. I made it through the morning and a lot of the afternoon before realizing that I really needed to eat something. Woops.

The morning started with me realizing that I had forgotten to pick up milk yesterday – woops (again, haa). Soo this morning was my first adventure into the world of espresso: straight up (okay, not completely, I sweetened it). Three words: Not.For.Me. I totally respect anyone who can drink their coffee black, but I am a wuss and need some creamy goodness in there.

So by the time I got to my last class, I wasn’t really hungry, but I knew I needed something in my system. I raided the vending machine and got a Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey bar – I really kinda wanted Animal Crackers…the kid in meee :-p – but it was slim pickings with spring break and all.

Halfway through class, we had a break and I ran and got a Vitamin Water Zero (XXX) and a Zone Perfect Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter bar.

This evening has been spent organizing my very VERY messy apartment and I am currently in the process of doing more laundry than I have ever done before. Oyyy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Luckily, I did have a yummy dinner!! MorningStar Farms Buffalo Wings and peas. YUMMM. MSF’s buffalo wings are just awesome. Period. Plus, I always forget how great peas are…I rarely grab them at the store but I’m glad I did. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy weekend, everyone!!! Anyone got any fun plans?!?


7 thoughts on “A lil late

  1. Vending machines are always a challenge! I wish they would stock less processed options, but I guess that’s kinda tough! Hope your allergies get better- I’ve heard of people curing them by taking a teaspoon of local organic honey a day!

  2. ive never had hte moringstar ‘chicken’ products- i want to tryy! sorry about the allergy troubles- ugh



  3. Aaaah I feel like I’ve missed so much lol!!!

    I’m going to a baby shower tomorrow, which may or may not be fun (I’ve never been to one). I’m also going to go for an 8 mile run in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚

    hope you’re having a great week-end!!

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