Odd Day

Oh my, today has been an odd, odd day. I think my body went into major revolt. I slept through my initial alarm – and man… it’s just not been happy. Granted, yes – there’s the time difference, but it’s never been an issue for me before. I mean – it’s 3 hours…nothing you can’t push through, but I think  coupling 3 hour time difference with the fact that I’ve not been on my A-game health-wise (this stuffiness has yet to go away) might have had something to do with it.

Happier note though – I’m happy to be back bloggin’!! Yayy!! I’ve missed you guys!! I have a hectic and amazing week on the west coast.

My flights to L.A. were NOT smooth, but I packed Luna Bars in my carry on so they were helpful. First my flight was delayed by an hour and 20 minutes out of Boston (weather) but they managed to make it up in the air and we landed only 10 minutes late in San Francisco, which was so exciting to me because YAY I would make my connection to Los Angeles. – nope. They pulled my plane for maintenance (and didn’t have one to replace it…). First it was bumped from 1:20 to 2:30…then 2:30 to 3:30…then 3:30 to 4…then 4:30…then we were actually allowed to board only to have to wait in the jetway for another 20 minutes as they did an extra security check of the plane because it was its first flight. ALL this …for a flight that was less than an hour and 45 minutes long. I had woken up at 4:15AM EST and didn’t get to my destination until after 6pm PST. Phew…exhaustion doesn’t even begin to explain it!

However, the rest of my week was amazing. I went to Las Vegas for a few nights, and to Disneyland! Plus, played around in the City of Angels. My friend and I saw Dakota Fanning going to see her own movie on Friday night. haha Funny stuff. Plus, there was a lot of blasting of the Glee soundtrack and just feeling alive.


9 thoughts on “Odd Day

  1. We totally blasted the Glee soundtrack in Florida – it’s the best vacation anthem 🙂

    Your flight there sounded really awful. And trust me. I know awful lol!!! You were up almost as long as I am when I’m coming back from Geneva!!!

    Can’t wait to see more pics, it looks like you had a blast!!

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