Bonsoir! How is everyone?? It was a grey, grey, greeeeeeeey Tuesday here in Boston. These past couple of days have been a shock after days of beautiful sunlight from the west coast.

Today I was back to my more normal eats – though no coffee todayย  – SHOCKER!

I had to do a bunch of different errands, and basically got laughed out of the post office by some biaaaaatch who found it absolutely unbelievable that I wouldn’t know that my “local” post office is NOT the one that is practically in my backyard. Innocent mistake lady – considering there are about 4 of them within walking distance of me and I was never informed as to which one was officially mine. I’m still fuming a little inside about that one.

Happier things happened next though – some grocery shoppin!! Not much…but picked up a few sparkling, flavored waters, some Kashi Honey Sunshine, some Van’s Maple Fusion waffles, cheese sticks…and…oh, pickles. Hah. So random. That’s what I get for going without a shopping list.

Lunch was some much needed Sunshine!!

The rest of my day has been spent under the covers (where I am currently) translating French questions. Oh the glamorous life I lead. haha

Dinner…familiar. Morningstar Farm’s Buffalo Wings, honey mustard, and peas. Yum.

I finally broke into a glorious package that came for me while I was away. ZonePerfect was kind enough to let me sample one of their ZonePerfect Indulgence squares. 180 calories a square, 10+ grams of protein and 18+ vitamins – I was hoping it would be delicious….and it WAS oh so delicious!

I was sent the Caramel Toffee flavor, to try, and boy…it is so good!! They also have Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse and German Chocolate Cheesecake flavors.

First and foremost, this square smelled like a girl scout cookie…I don’t know WHICH cookie, but it immediately brought me to that happy place. I cracked that sucker open, and look how pretty!!!

I love that you can see the layers, and the darker “toffee” layer is studded with little crunchy pieces of toffee. Oy…I was in heaven. It truly felt like an indulgence…but with only 180 calories it was a perfect (albiet rich) start to my day. ๐Ÿ™‚

They also sent me a coupon sooo the next time I see these on a store shelf, I will definitely be scooping them up.

I hope all of you are doing wonderfully!!!ย  xoxo

9 thoughts on “Indulgence

    • they’re really good – rich though…aka i wouldn’t have them for breakfast again. haha i’m curious as to what the other flavors are like!

    • Seriously, in a city – if they don’t tell us which one it is…how will we know?! haha They are really good – a true indulgence. ๐Ÿ™‚

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