The appetite is back…

Hola lovelies!

This morning I was up bright and early for a doctor’s appointment – where he just basically told me what I already knew…I had/have the lovely stomach bug that’s going around. Joy. He asked if I wanted anything prescribed for nausea…and honestly, I can deal with nausea so I nixed adding those meds…however, I did take him up on his other prescription:

Doctor's Orders!

My heart rate was high because I was dehydrated so he told me to stock up on Gatorade (G2 specifically, since it has less sugar) and rest up.

I feel muuuch better, and I’ve actually had an appetite today which included lots of beer bread (carbs can cure anything haha), saltines, gingerale, homemade soup, chicken balls… and even a Circle K coffee…yum. Fats and carbs were what my bod wanted – and it got what it wanted. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you all are happy and healthy!! I’m pretty much on the other (better) side of being sick now, I think….aaaaaand tomorrow is Friday – yipee!!


6 thoughts on “The appetite is back…

  1. Once I went to the doctor for some WEIRD stuff that was happening and she took my pulse, then looked at me and seriously asked me if I was on drugs. I was like Um. no??? lol! Apparently my heart rate was extremely high!

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