Please be kind. Rewind.

Hey alll! Man it got to be like 9, last night and I hadn’t posted so I decided to call it a night. Howwwwever, now – I feel a rewind is in order.

Yesterday was an off day (as many of ’em have been this week, eh?) – but I pushed through and was out the door into the snowy mess that was Boston yesterday morning. I was soaked but managed to make it to the Starbucks close to the building my class was in in about 20 minutes. I said YES PLEASE – to a skinny hazelnut latte and enjoyed every sip.

Please excuse the poor photo and the ugly tile.

The day was long – and there may or may not have been another coffee mixed in there – along with miscellaneous munchies that escaped my camera. However, the piece de resistance: SUBWAY (eat fresh!) … a Veggie Delite on Honey Oat with Southwest Chipotle sauce. YUM.

Dinner was pizza..unpicture (sorry for my lack of pictures…boo). Palmetto’s? or somthing like that.

Since my pictures have been lacking — I figured I’d show you my lunch for today! haha I made myself a sandwich using an oat/flax pita, baby romaine greens, swiss cheese and a few VERY thin slices of salami. πŸ™‚ Very deliciousssss.

I hope you all are doing amazingly!!! I feel so out of step with the blogosphere…I haven’t gotten back to reading entries as much as I’d like. boo!!

I hope you all have amazing weekends!! So much love!!

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