Short n' Sweet (Stack)

Ahh, hey lovelies. I am sad that the weekend is coming to a close. It was probably the most relaxing one I’ve had in a while, and it didn’t feel like it blew by – I think I soaked up every moment of it.

I went home (if I hadn’t already mentioned) and spent quality time with my mom. It really was quality. It’s so great to sit and talk – and REALLY talk – about relationships (past, future, whatever), passions, dreams, regrets, futures, careers, etc. Very fulfilling.

I munched my way through the weekend (as you could probably tell by my less-than cohesive picture postage) – twas delish though!

Tonight, I broke out the (new) toaster and made myself a couple of Van’s Hearty Oats Maple Fusion Waffles. YUMMM! I had been craving them, but realized AFTER I bought them…that I didn’t own a toaster. Silly me. I mean, yes, totally could have done them in the broiler or oven…but I’m not going to lie – I’m a little afraid of my broiler here at my apartment. I have yet to use it … irrational fear, obviously.

Anyway – tax-free NH was the perfect excuse to purchase a glorious new toaster (thank you, Target!).

My belly was verrrry happy this evening. ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, the maple smell while they toast – divine!!

Anyway, tonight will actually be pretty relaxed. I don’t have a whole lot to do for tomorrow, but I’ve got registration for my fall courses bright and early (YAY!…*that* much closer to FINALLY being done).

  • How does your week look? Busy??

I’ll be pretty busy this week – but that’s life.ย  I hope you all are doing amaaaaaaazingly well!


8 thoughts on “Short n' Sweet (Stack)

  1. So glad you had a fun and relaxing week-end, I’m sure it was well-deserved!

    This week is going to be busy for me because I’m hoping to finish every last little bit of work I have to do! We’ll see if it actually happens though ๐Ÿ˜›

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