…like a box of chocolates…

Hello blogettes! How’s everybody doing this evening?? It’s been rainy and gross (typical) alll day – remarkably even though it was rainy AND a Monday – I had a great day.

I had registration for Fall courses this morning, which actually allowed me to sleep in a little bit. Yay! And when I woke up, I just reheated a Starbucks latte (well…what was left) that I had kept in the fridge. Still tasty, but less left than I thought.

Brand new Disneyland mug though…haha. I had to get a souvenir of some kind – and really? Did we think that it would be anything BUT a mug??

My registration time was at 8:30 – luckily everything worked, and I have all the classes I want for next semester. I probably will not have much of a life in the fall…but you gotta do what you gotta do. haha

I literally BOLTED for my first class, and miraculously walked in with exactly one minute to spare. I discovered running to class is especially difficult in rain boots….

I needed another coffee halfway through the day – so during a break I went down to the cafe and got myself one…it managed to last me until I got home later that afternoon (semi-cold by then..). That would be why there are raindrops on it.

I got back to my apartment to find a little package waiting for me – Easter candy! haha It’s cute. I’m going to try and make it stretch as long as possible….resist the chocolaty goodness…

I got a lot of errands done this afternoon – no point in putting them off for a dry day…the first one will be Thursday…maybe. Plus, had a lunch consisting of multiple cheese sticks and pickles. Quite…the combo.

Dinner tonight – was amazzzzzing. I made my “usual” pizza – however! I used Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Tandoori Naan in place of a tortilla. Oh.My.God. So good. It has more calories (not by much though) – but also more fiber – and I loooved how crunchy it got on the outside and how pillowy it stayed on the inside. It almost seemed to melt in my mouth. Mmm. This will be made again soon!!

  • What’s the best new (to you) product you’ve tried lately??

14 thoughts on “…like a box of chocolates…

  1. Oh man, registration! I can’t believe I’ll never do it again in undergrad! I hope you got fun classes! That pizza looks fantastic! I’ll have to try more creative things with naan (i.e. the real wonderbread). As far as a new product, I’m loving Fuze drinks right now!

    Have a great night, girl!

  2. YUM that tandorri naan looks SO good!!! the way you decribed it makes me want to get itRIGHT NOW! pillowy inside, crunchy outside, YUM!

    what TJ’s do you go to in boston? I am all over the coolidge corner one!

    food obsession lately?! kashi honey sunshine cereal!!!

    • i’m alllll over the one on boylston. i think i’ve been there 3 times this week already. ooopsies. haha honey sunshine has been an obsession for me too!!

  3. oooo that pizza looks SO GOOD :d:d Good choice on using the nann! And those chocolates look so cute ๐Ÿ˜€ Go ahead and indulge! Enjoy one for me :D:D

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