Good eeeevening everyone!!

The rain is still comin’ down in Boston – it’s ridiculous! One of the weather guys said that the last 3 weeks have been the wettest in Boston’s history….I believe it. Ridiculous amounts of water!! All I have to say is that I hope all the water makes for a gorgeous, green spring.

I tried to sleep in a little this morning – but after waking up at 6:50 and then again at 9 when one of the girls in my building was shouting in the stairwell… I decided it was time to be up.

I made myself a big ole caramellatte‘ and devoured a tangelo (thanks to my mom for stuffing them in my gym bag).

I felt remarkably productive this morning – I got so much accomplished before it was time for lunch. I grazed for lunch though – a Caramel Nut Brownie Luna bar, Trader Joe’s dried cranberries, and Trader Joe’s dried apricots. Plus, Super Chill sparkling water – their flavors are amazing.

The afternoon I got some errands done and whatnot…getting soaked in the process – and low and behold, come back and Jillian Michaels had @replied me on Twitter from earlier that day! haha I just thought it was funny. You don’t expect an answer when you tweet a celeb/someone with over 100,000 followers – so it was a nice surprise. She’s apparently in Boston right now for her new show and she had tweeted about the gross weather.

Dinner was a REPEAT. I’m sorry it was just so good – I could not stop thinking about it. Mmmm. I even ate dinner super early because I literally couldn’t stop thinking about it. Very happy and full right now.

Speaking of Jillian – Biggest Loser is on tonight. I haven’t been keeping up really – I only caught the last 5 minutes of … last week was it? Oh, maybe it was a couple of weeks ago … I can’t keep track! haha

I’ll probably munch on some Kashi Honey Sunshine, later – I love that stuff! So satisfying! It’s a perfect “midnight” (or 9pm) snack!

  • How was your day today?? and how’s the weather where you are??

I’m so jealous of all of you with fabulous weather! Sunshine is so motivational – plus it makes getting out and being active that much easier!! πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “@-Reply

  1. The weather is FINALLY nice, no more harsh winter, but it’s windy. Like blow your car off the road windy. I don’t know what’s worth rain or wind? both I guess.. Hope you’re having a great day!!

  2. ahhh I can’t believe the crappy weather you are having!! Here..the weather is ridiculous…we are breaking weather highs! It’s going to be 28 degrees here today! Super hot.

    That is sooo funny Jillian tweeted you back πŸ˜€

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