Oh – my – gosh. Was today a crazy day, or what?

I’ll start out with my eats…because well, they were anything but crazy – though they were delicious! – and then get to more juicy stuff!

Okay – so yummy goodness aside..there were a couple of crazy things about today.

One: IT WAS NINETY…as in 9-0!!!….DEGREES IN BOSTON TODAY! Crazy!!! I’m not complaining…my legs were happy to be freeeee!

Excuse the goofball grin & the mess

The 2nd crazy thing that happened was not a happy crazy.

A 9 alarm fire broke out in a 10-story apartment building on my street – only 2 blocks from me. It was CRAZY! My whole street was blocked off, and the entire street was filled with smoke. LUCKILY, no major injuries; only 4 residents and 1 firefighter were treated for any sort of injuries. It was nuts though – I’ve never seen so many fire vehicles or firefighters in my life and the amount of news crews on my street was ridiculous. It was weird to watch channel 7 and see a correspondent and then look out my window and be able to see him doing the spot at the same time…


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