Come on down!

Good evening everyone!! It’s beautiful right now in Boston…as I type the light is filtering in through my windows (the only time of day I get direct sunlight) and, if it weren’t for National Grid jack-hammering outside of my apartment – it would probably be the most peaceful thing ever. Alas, I’d rather have them hammering away at the road at 6pm instead of early, early in the morning. πŸ™‚

Today has been an absolutely wonderful day. It’s been quite eventful. First, I woke up this morning, and logged into my Google Reader only to find that (shockingly) I had been fortunate enough to win Ashley’s Calphalon giveaway on Daily Goods. Amazing!! I was truly shocked because well…I never win anything! haha Again, thank you so much, Ashley!!

I’m really excited for those pans, and to try them out! Yipee!!

Today was also “Tea Party Day” in Boston…and Sarah Palin was speaking on the Common at 11. It made for craziness in the Common – which is always exciting. As the weather gets better, more and more events, rallies and festivities take place on the common…weeeee!

This morning started off with my usual coffee:

I also discovered the best way to carry little treats with me and not have them get smooshed:

My sunglasses are always on my face or on top of my head…so why not use the case, right? The Lemon Luna just exemplified my mood for the day.

I did a little shopping on my way home from class…stopped at TJ’s for some of these beauties!!

Tulips are my favorite flower – they’re just gorgeous. I love that they have greenery, too…the contrast of their bright colors and the green leaves…ahh yes, beautiful.

I also made an awesome discovery while in Marshall’s!! “CHEAP” Justin’s Maple Almond Butter! Okay..still not cheap but $2 less than other places! Ahh, this is why I love Marshall’s – such random and amazing finds!

Lunch you ask? Multiple PB & J (Mighty Maple + Blackberry Jam) roll ups. Nom.

Dinner…oh yes, it’s back. The tortilla pizza. Did you think I’d go the whole week without it? πŸ™‚

Woo, we made it through Wednesday!!

I hope you all are amazing!!

  • What are the little things that make you smile?

For me, it’s sunny days, flowers (even if I bought them for myself)….and good, simple eats. haha Well…there are a ton more…but I can’t think of them…


6 thoughts on “Come on down!

  1. Do you have Burberry sunglasses?? :O If so I’m jealous! πŸ˜€ Anyways, great way to carry bars. Mine are always so mushed up…

    Things that make me smile: babies, flowers, and puppies. Yesterday I dropped by the mall just to check out the pet store (even though I know they’re bad) and seeing kittens and puppies kinda made my day…

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