So Delicious

Evening beauties!! How’s everyone?

Today has been a relaxing day, but a productive one.

I got to sleep in, thankfully, because National Grid did work outside of my building until about 11:30 last night…we actually lost water for about a half-hour or so around 8pm, too. Fun! Of course, I literally had just put a face mask on and was ready to take it of…when, no water! haha Just my luck… πŸ™‚ Luckily, I had my Brita in the fridge, and soaked a towel with it…very cold, but my face was no longer green! haha

This morning, I was excited to try something new *to me* in my coffee. I ran out of flavored syrups for my coffee, and after much unsuccessful searching, I’ve realized I’m going to have to wait to go to Target sometime aand get it. However, it made me step out of my “comfort zone” with my java.

I have long been a “follower” of So Delicious by Turtle Mountain on Twitter, and so when I saw their Hazelnut Coconut Milk Creamer, I had to try it.

I absolutely loved this!! I used only two tablespoons -just for flavor-, and the rest I kept milk – but the flavors were fantastic, and it actually made the coffee feel a little “lighter.” I will definitely get this again – and now it has me looking into all of their other stuff, too.

I also brought back an old friend: Trader Joe’s Greek Style Nonfat Yogurt! It’s that time of year – warmer weather = cooler foods (for me at least).

I worked my butt off all afternoon making a study guide for an exam tomorrow…I figured, I’m going to be tested on it in the final, too – might as well, make the mother of all study guides.

Lunch was cool, too. A wrap! Love the combo of the mixed greens and herbs, Laughing Cow cheese and the deli-style buffalo chicken breast.

Tonight, dinner was early – and easy. I got out a can of Trader Joe’s Organic Split Pea soup, and warmed it up. Meh…I’ve had this before, and I don’t remember it being as bland as this can was… I got through it, but it had very little flavor (or color for that matter…I apologize for it’s unappealing nature in the photo). Maybe I did something to it last time? or maybe I just need to (wo)man-up and make my own again. haha

Dinner was early tonight because I’m heading to an event at where Vicki Donlan, the CEO and founder of Women’s Business magazine is speaking. The event is called: Her Turn: Why it’s Time for Women to Lead in America” (which is also the title of her book, I believe).Β  I hope it’s inspiring and informational – I’m sure it will be.

Pre-seminar Sassiness.

Excuse the random stuff around the mirror, and my choice of pout. hahaΒ  πŸ™‚

I hope you all are wonderful!! It’s inching closer to the weekend!!


11 thoughts on “So Delicious

  1. I love your coffee mug! And I love So Delicious coconut milk creamer French Vanilla flavor. But now I’m inspired to try the Hazelnut flavor, too!

  2. I’ve never seen that creamer!! I’ll ahve to look for it… it does sound absolutely delicious πŸ˜€

    Love the outfit, you look smashing πŸ˜€

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