And they're off!

Evening lovelies! I was lucky enough to have today off (thank you Patriots Day/Marathon Monday!). Unfortunately, I was not in the city for the marathon. The amount of traffic going into the city today is tremendous and it would have been, unfortunately, a huge hassle – so I decided to stay at home one more day. No complaints here – although of course it would have been fabulous to cheer on all of those runners.

I cannot imagine running 26.2 miles.. I, personally, know 3 people who ran and completed the race. Pretty amazing stuff.

Let’s back-track a little bit. Last night – I hung out with my mom and we made cookies. Dark chocolate chunk cookies – if we’re going to be precise. They are ridiculously good and are definitely the type of cookie that warrants an ice cold glass of milk on the side. They are a definite indulgence, but so worth it!

Today, I did the usual. Woke up – had a coffee and put together Mighty Maple and jam on some toasted Arnold’s sandwich thins. Yum.

Some browsing of baking was also involved...

I spent most of the afternoon out and about – doing some errands and taking advantage of the tax free-ness of New Hampshire. First stop was Starbucks – I got myself a little latte and a big ole bottle of sugar-free hazelnut syrup for my coffee. It was so much cheaper than I thought it would be, and I know, I know…sucralose…moderation will be key with this.

I picked up some new mugs from the Christmas Tree Shop! No picture right now…but you will see them soon enough! haha

My next, obvious, stop was Target!! Ohh Tarjaaay, how I’ve missed you!! I picked up some weights (explanation in a second), some new eyeliner, shampoo and True North’s Almond Pecan Clusters.

Going back to the weights…yep..I’m starting a more “formal” workout routine (not 100% on what it will be yet…I’ll let you know when I get it totally figured out)…I guess you could call it. I hope the fact that right after the semester ends I will have a couple weeks to make a habit of it and just have it be a natural part of my day.

The way I look at it is, this summer I will be at my job most of the time…and most of that time will be at a desk, which is a lot less active than I am now…put other things into the equation like business lunches, snacks people bring to work, etc…and it’s probably a good idea to make sure that activity is built into my day.

Voila. Nothing revolutionary, but a new routine for me.

Dinner tonight – my mom and I whipped up a foccacia recipe that turned out to be a little bit more like beer bread than like foccacia. That’s okay though – beer bread is delicious (and less oily)…especially studded with herbs and sun-dried tomatoes! πŸ™‚

I'm pretty proud of my little point & shoot for this photo.

The bread went with a dinner of left over chicken saltimbocca with prosciutto, mushrooms and marsala wine and a cranberry and walnut salad. The chicken isn’t the most appetizing looking (though SO, SO good).Β  Therefore, the salad will speak for the meal. haha

I hope everyone’s week has gotten off to a good start!!


17 thoughts on “And they're off!

  1. You know, I wish you lived close by because then I would give you MY hazelnut syrup – I never use it!!! A big bottle and there’s almost nothing gone… 😦

    • Aww, seriously the only Target’s “in” Boston are in the ‘burbs. …and thought they are “technically” accessible by the T and buses it’s such a hassle! They’d make sooo much money if they put one in here… me alone! haha

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