Speed Round

Hey lovelies!! Tonight I am swamped so this will be a speeeeedy post.

Today was a day of random eats, and out of sorts emotions. Ahhh, fun fun. haha

DCD and Tripleberry Jam

Leftovahhh bread & sunshine

Cheerios! (immediate GLEE thoughts)

CHEERIOS! haha (Gleeeee)

Cheesy goodness.

Cheesy Goodness.

Tonight is a new GLEE!.. “The Power of Madonna” episode. PSYCHED!!! haha


12 thoughts on “Speed Round

  1. All I can say, is this episode was epic, and where the heck is Quinn’s baby bump????

    Also, how on earth do you manage to eat such small portions! Gah!

    • It was epic – and yeah, they kinda just said screw it to the baby bump. haha But yeah, first off I don’t post everyyyything I eat so I ate lots more yesterday than is shown in pictures, and I usually have more – like the lasagna def went back for seconds.

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