Hey, hey everyone! I hope you are doing well – and that your weather is better than the weather in Boston right now. It is currently 43 degrees – feels like 34 –ย  (it never reached 50 today) and lightly raining. I don’t mind warm rain…but this cold stuff – nooo thank you.

I survived today – all of my finals, except for one taken home, are finished. We’ll see how I did in a couple of weeks when grades are due. haha The major thing is that I, of course, survived.

My eats were somewhat of a celebration today – a.k.a. not the healthiest day of eats on the planet. Whatevs. I do want I wannnnt – and these deelicious treats are exactly what I wanted!!

Coffee among petals - my flowers are slowing dying...so I'm using them for aesthetics...haha

Coffee among petals...my flowers are wilting...


My throat hated me today - thanks allergies.


BBQ - of course

Who knew they made this into fro-yo and didn't tell me?!? Ahh, so good!

Just look at that swirly goodness.

18 thoughts on “Swirled

  1. I adore dulce de leche!!!

    We’ve been having gorgeous weather (don’t know what it is in Fahrenheit) and then last week one day I wake up to SNOW!! It was insane.

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