Hello, hello everyone! I just got back in from a great evening with my family – and a wonderful meal. We went up to the North End and had dinner at Lucca. It was fabulous meal, and I enjoyed every single bite.

First, let me just say this – for anyone living in the Boston area who is *not* aware of the “Boil Water Mandate” – a major water main broke in Weston and so there is a boil water mandate for all of Boston including the surrounding communities. Basically – boil tap water before you drink it – or don’t drink it at all.

Anyway – so yes…dinner in the North End. Funny thing, my Dad and his wife saw Billy Bulger (for those of you not familiar with Boston or it’s history of organized crime – he is Whitey Bulger’s brother). Ahh, the sites of the North End.

Anyway, my meal was great – I had a lovely cosmo (not gonna lie – it went right to my head…rosy cheeks and all), their bistecca and a shared plate of broccoli rabe. Delicious. Plus, they had an amazing chickpea pesto for the bread…yumm.

Chickpea pesto and garlic butter

Let me say – I rarely order beef out…or really eat it, for that matter. However, this was too good to pass up. Grilled tenderloin with this red wine and Gorgonzola sauce, smashed up fingerling potatoes and sauteed onions. It was really, really delicious.

Apologies for the blurriness - low lighting

Though on the pricey side – it was delicious and I would go back in a heartbeat. The weather was beautiful so the front of the restaurant was opened up and it was just great. It was the perfect way to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad.


8 thoughts on “Lucca

  1. Happy birthday to your dad!

    I usually eat beef when I go out because i never make it at home, so if I ever feel like it it will be at a restaurant. That one looked amazing!

  2. The food was great..the company even better..Ihad the swordfish special and it was very good! Billy Bulger was the icing on the proverbila cake!

    • Agreed! haha Glad you enjoyed your birthday, Dad. Love you – don’t be a stranger. πŸ™‚ Now I just have to remember that I can’t post present ideas for any of you guys on here. haha Enjoy your knives!! Slice me up somethin’ fancy! :-p

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