Monday mornin' rain is fallin'…

Okay, okay those are not the lyrics – but that song is stuck in my head – and it’s fairly appropriate.

Yesterday was a miserable day – a combination of humidity, heat and horrible allergens eveeerything. I ended up not posting just because I didn’t feel like turning on my computer and adding extra heat to my apartment! haha I spent the day praying for rain that didn’t come until sometime after I fell asleep. However – it did mean waking up and not having to blow my nose or curse my throat for hating me. Yay!

The boil water mandate is still in effect for Boston. Over 2 million people are without suitable drinking water – ridiculous! I was going to go buy bottled water but then I thought about how water everywhere would legit be sold out (and it was when I went to CVS briefly yesterday…the entire case of soda, teas, flavored waters, sparkling waters, etc…GONE) and… boiling water is free. Free is always good.

Needless to say …my apartment might be a litttttle bit warm right now – the combination of boiling a gallon of water on your stovetop and the fact that it’s almost 75 degrees and muggy at a little before 11 a.m. is a little stifling. I shall survive though. haha

Oh hey PJ bottoms reflection

Before boiling water and whatnot, I had my coffee (made with yesterday’s boiled and Brita-ed water). This creation was the closest I’ve ever come to replicating the taste of a Starbucks latte. So close!! haha I think I use more espresso than they do.

Breakfast was a smoothie creation – juice, berries, some vanilla extract and a little Truvia = delicious.

I’m off – I’ve got a take-home final to finish up… fun-times. haha I hope you all are doing wonderfully!!


8 thoughts on “Monday mornin' rain is fallin'…

  1. my parents were in the cape this weekend and I think my mom brought home half of a truck worths of poland spring water!! haha if you need some…hollllerrrrr!!

    this totally stinks but its almost all good to go!!! dont ya love washing produce in purified water?!?

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