The Summer Wind


Today started out grrrray – in fact…who needs alarm clocks when you have thunder storms to wake you up in the morning? haha I was a little sad because my brother and I had planned on heading up to our beach house just for the afternoon…but in gross weather, no thanks. haha

Instead of beaching it up, we settled in with coffee – of course.

Lunch-time came…it was still kind of gray, but the clouds were breaking up…woo! I scarfed down a little wrap before heading out to do some grocery shoppin’.

My bro and I descended on Hannaford (lovelovelove their produce and prices) and went to town.

Grocery goodies

After we got back with groceries…the sun came out!! Glorious, glorious sunshine. It truly felt like summer.

I soaked it up:

My cat was obviously thinking, “Jil…what the…seriously??” She has a point… haha

I hung out on the porch soaking up the sun while my bro decided to doing some yardwork:

For dinner – I decided on some tempeh lettuce wraps. They were a combo of tempeh, peas and BBQ sauce all wrapped up in Boston lettuce. It came out really good. Yumm…though, you can’t really go wrong with BBQ sauce.

It was my mom’s first foray into tempeh and I’m happy to say that she liked it! Yay!! I love when I can get people to try new things!!

  • Is your family as into healthy eating or a certain food lifestyles?

Mine aren’t…not for lack of caring, but it’s just never been the way we’ve done things. We ate well as kids, and there was always a focus on veggies and whatnot but there wasn’t a real organic or whole foods focus.


5 thoughts on “The Summer Wind

  1. love the shot of you and the kitty in the sunshine…too good. I was raised to eat a lot of fruit and veg for sure, but organic was also not emphasized. I actually have to try and not get upset when my parents don’t buy organic when I am there because I really believe organic sustainable farming should be our future instead of such big corporate farms. It is definitely hard to change people though who are so such in their ways. I just think education is key and with generations older than us, a lot of times it is overwhelming information (my parents refuse to watch food, inc,)

    I am sure you are so happy to be home!

    • Aww, thank you!! and yeah definitely – I agree. I have yet to watch Food, Inc. – I honestly don’t think I can handle it, but I know its content…I’ve tried to explain the travesties of America’s food/meat production but I think it falls on deaf ears a lot of times…not just to family members, too.

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