Feelin' Strong

Evening everyone!! Today was another gorgeous day in the neighborhood…today felt good from the get-go, I was feeling really strong – mind and body –  today. I don’t know what it was…perhaps the weather just made me feel more alive.

The shadows make my arms look a heck of a lot more jacked than they actually are…and they make my ankle look nonexistent. haha

I started the day off with coffee and creamer – low-sugar. It’s amazing…even just with coffee how a little bit more fat is just that much more satisfying.

I loved finding that little mug in the back of the cupboard today…these seriously bring back memories from my childhood. We used to have a full set of these – plates, coasters, etc. It was like finding a little piece of family history in the mug cupboard.

Breakfast had to be fresh fruit. I had picked up gorgeous strawberries, blueberries and blackberries at the store so I made a little “dip” using fat free sour cream (for a little bit of tang), a tablespoon of instant vanilla pudding mix, a little bit of honey and some vanilla extract. A perfect accompaniment to the fruit…very similar to those cream cheese fruit dips you can find in the store – but much lighter.

The strawberries were ginormous. Seriously…one strawberry could have easily been 3-4 normal berries.

I spent the afternoon driving around, blasting music and getting some errands in. I picked up my free latte from Starbucks (thank you, rewards program) and a Chocolate Coconut Chew Lara Bar. Yum. I enjoyed the bar, but it wasn’t as “coconutty” as I’d hoped.

Dinner mixed old with new. I revisted my beloved sweet potato fries (and some spinach) and I paired it with a new friend…some maple dijon mustard. Yum!

A day full of good eats, a happy tummy and it’s the weekend!!!! Yay! Happy weekend everyone.

  • Anyone got any great plans? I’ve got some fun ones for Mother’s Day…but can’t divulge. haha

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