Play Ball

Hello, hello. Oh my…okay, so took a little impromptu break there! Craziness of weekend schedules and unplugging, in general, led to a lack of postage – but not a lack of fabulous eats.

Not all of my eats went documented this weekend – but let me assure you they were fabulous. Homemade pea soup, homemade, cheesy, whole wheat beer bread, mango glazed salmon (I wish I remembered to take a picture of it before digging in…and subsequently demolishing it), Not Your Average Joe’s strawberry short cake (which is anything but average and all proceeds on Mother’s Day went to breast cancer research), french toast, mojitos, chocolate chip cookie(s) oats, granola…oh the list could go on and on (obviously…I ate a lot). haha

The salmon, strawberry short cake and mojito were the result of Mother’s Day “linner” – it was about 4pm… We went to a favorite restaurant of mine – Not Your Average Joe’s (which has amazing focaccia and olive oil/parm/hot pepper flake dip) and enjoyed a lovely meal with my mom. They even gave each mom free chocolate truffles on their way out! I was impressed.

Though not all eats met with my camera…some did.

Oats & Granola - a little milky but delicious none-the-less

The name says it all.

Mother's Day b-fast - courtesy of my bro's skilllz

Rasp + Mojito = ❀

My coffee was rather moody this morning

Tonight, I’m heading to the Red Sox game with my bro – coincidentally, my aunt and uncle will be there too. We’ll see if we can find them! Either way, go Sox! They really need to start winning…I know they did last night…but the night before was an embarrassment… Also – New England – please warm up…I don’t want to freeze my booty off at Fenway tonight!! haha Somehow…I think I will be.

  • How was your Mother’s Day? Any special celebrations?

9 thoughts on “Play Ball

  1. Wow, sounds like you managed to fit in some tasty eats! I can’t believe I am admitting this but I never went to a sox game when I went to school in boston! I am such a disgrace, I know…

    We definitely celebrated with some vino and chocolate, twas fun!

  2. Have to ask just in case – do you know how they made the mango glazed salmon (broiled, baked, on stovetop and what other ingredients were in the glaze)? It just sounds amazing and would love to try to make something similar!

    Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

    • I do, too – the more I discover the products the more in love I am with the company! I have yet to try their coconut milk ice cream. I can only imagine the goodness. And yarr – their mojitos are sooo good. They used to make a mango one that was to.die.for….but it has disappeared from the menu. I’m curious as to why.

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