A Cold One

Ahh, last night’s game with my brother was a great one – but freeeeeeezing. I was not dressed for a 35 degree night at Fenway (plus wind!!)…brrr. Let’s just say that $4.25 hot chocolate is probably what kept me from hypothermia. Our seats were fantastic and it was a great game…especially because they actually won. haha


After the game, my bro and I met up with some people at Jillian’s to warm up and …imbibe.. a little. It’s his senior week. While there, I discovered just how delicious a vodka soda can be when you put both orange and lime in it. Oh the simple things. haha Yum. Oh, and ironically, the doorman was from our hometown and went to our high school – small world.

Today’s eats were pretty straight forward – no big surprises from me. Coffee (Honey Dew this time around). PB&J roll ups. A bagel thin with a layer of cream cheese. Oh…my mom’s amazing split pea soup. Nom.

  • How are you all doin??? Anything new and exciting?? I feel like I’ve been out of the loop!!

9 thoughts on “A Cold One

  1. Ahh I remember Jillian’s, fun times I am sure! I haven’t ever thought to add orange AND lime…I will soon for sure. New and exciting…I had a scary fitness evaluation today that ended up not so scary.

  2. Loves your blog! Oh, and I have a confession. Total Red Sox fan. It’s a sin since I’m in Philly and my husband is a Phils fan all the way. Oh well, at least you’d appreciate my secret!

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