Dessert for Dinner

First and foremost – I want to say:

Happy Birthday to my beautiful best friend!! I hope you have an amazing day, lovey!!

I didn’t end up posting last night – because – well… I don’t remember why. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to plug yourself in after a long day. Also, sometimes NBC’s ThursdayΒ  night lineup calls your name as well. What can I say? I’m a sucker for it.

My eats were pretty good yesterday – and I’m actually glad I have them to update for today…because yesterday’s pics are sunny – today is quiiiite gloomy.

My usual coffee. I’m on a spilling streak though. I managed to accidentally spill extra creamer on my cat…poor thing. She was surprisingly a good sport about it though. She let me look like a fool and chase her around with towels for the next 30 minutes. hahaha I’m sure she was laughing at me.

I had prepared myself some overnight oats – but they were a little watery. I’m still working on my liquid to oats ratio. It was still delicious though!!

I had a bunch of errands to do (including finding a dress for my bro’s graduation) so I quickly got moving. I also was ready to head to the bank and put a years worth of change build-up in the “Penny Arcade” and hoped that I’d be surprised by how much was actually in there. πŸ™‚

First, it was $25 (with only a few quarters who managed to not find their way to laundry) so that was sweet. However, I will say this – the new “Penny Arcades” that TDBank has?? Seriously. They talk to you, and are totally meant for the little kid who is emptying their piggy bank. I was pretty much mortified as a cartoon 10 year old proceeded to speak to me loudly for about 5-10minutes in the middle of a quiet bank. All’s well that ends well though and I walked away with my cash. haha

Before I left though – I had stuffed my face with a different kind of green. Salad and tabouleh. Yummm.

I successfully found a dress that is not only graduation but summer appropriate and I can definitely see myself wearing on a number of occasions! Woo! Plus it was on sale. Always good for this shopper. It’s one of those dress it up with heels or keep it casuals with a cute pair of sandals dresses. Very pleased with the outcome.

It was warmer out yesterday (thank God!!). After the fact that New England has been like the frozen tundra for the last few days it was greatly appreciated!! I celebrated with a large unsweetened iced passion tea from the ‘bucks.

I seriously love the people who work at the ‘bucks near my mom’s house (okay, near is maybe not the right word…CLOSEST should probably be used). They’re so darn friendly AND I love that they utilize the computer/stickers…so I can actually verify if my drink was made right rather than try to decifer handwritten codes on my cup!

By the time dinner rolled around, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that hungry. I had nibbled on some Rold Gold Honey Wheat Braided Twists (probably the best thing that’s happened to pretzels in a loooong time) and they filled me up. It didn’t hurt that I sort of stuffed my face with their deliciousness. P.S. I totally did not realize that Rold Gold was a Frito Lay product until I looked it up to link it. Interesante.

I was a total 10 year old – whose parents left them home alone at dinner time for the first time and made myself dessert for dinner. Granted…my dessert was not comprised of candy and cookies (as I’d assume a 10 year old might go for that sort of thing). It was a whole bunch-a vanilla pudding and berry salad. Not bad at all…but definitely satisfying to my apparent raging sweet-tooth.

I then settled in for a night of comedic television. Anyone else watch Parks and Recreation/The Office/30 Rock/The Marriage Ref?? Wow, that looks bad when I write it all out. Lots of TV. I normally don’t watch all of those, I swear. Personally, I thought Rob Lowe was hilarious on P&R. His huge multivitamin that was a choking hazard… hah. And the sleevless dress shirt guy on the Marriage Ref? Ahh, a night of good laughs. πŸ™‚

Today – I’ve got quite the day of traveling ahead of me. I’m heading down to Boston to pick up books and check on an exciting delivery that I hope has found its way to my apartment!! I’m annoyed that my school bookstore is not open…AT ALL…on weekends. I kind of find that ridiculous.

I hope you all are absolutely wonderful!!!

8 thoughts on “Dessert for Dinner

  1. For the liquid:oat ratio try slowly pouring the liquid until it JUST barely covers the oats and stir a little bit to make sure it’s mixed through πŸ™‚ hope this helps! xoxo

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