Let the sun shine in…

Ahh, good evening everyone!! It’s been a long day. Started out in NH but now I’m settled back into MA. πŸ™‚

My NH breakfast started out with unpictured java and some Nutella overnight oats. I finally got the liquid to oats ratio right – thanks to Kat’s suggestion of just eyeballing the liquid just past the dry oats – then mixing. Thanks, girl! Plans soon, k?? πŸ™‚

These were delicious – a combo of vanilla extract infused into the oats, crunchiness of almonds and the Nutella made for a great morning meal. Then again…you could probably put Nutella on cardboard and it’d taste good.

Once arriving in Boston (and maneuvering the T with my suitcase…all while being asked by different people simultaneously if they were getting on the right train), I plopped down on my couch and just vegged for a minute.

Then I went into cleaning mode. I knew I wanted to do some hardcore cleaning. Oh man, was I in for a surprise. I contemplated taking photos but it was just gross. I have really high ceilings in my apartment – so my cabinets are about a foot or so from the ceiling (making them prime shelving! – esp. in a studio). I went up there to clean today and I was utterly disgusted. I honestly don’t think a single person who ever rented this place out had cleaned up there. Maybe they didn’t have as many pots/pans/kitchen appliances as me and therefore didn’t need it…but ick. It was a sticky sheath of grime. It took almost an entire bottle of cleaner to finally feel okay with putting my stuff up there. Eeep! It’s clean now though!

I didn’t have much food in the apartment and I was hungry long before I got the chance to go grocery shopping – which I did do eventually. I just munched my way through the afternoon…TJ’s string cheese, a LUNA a found in the back of a cupboard, sparkling water (okay, not a snack but refreshing), and lots of TJ’s tabouleh – it’s so fresh, I love it!

I also ended up picking up a bunch of these beauties from Trader Joe’s, as well.

Dinner was a mishmash of “old” and new. I had a couple of frozen Morningstar Farm buffalo wings left and some sweet potatoes that I had chopped a while ago – so those went in the oven. I also had some arugula salad with cranberry balsamic dressing. Yum.

For me, tonight will be spent relaxing, reading and perhaps some television. Depends if anything decent is on. Plus, I’ll have a house guest soon. Wahoo! haha πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Let the sun shine in…

  1. i love getting into the cleaning mode! it makes you feel at ease once everything is sparkly and fresh.
    i havent had the lemon zest luna.. it looks great! oh wow, i bet nutella on that would be good. lemon and chocolate is actually a yummy combo πŸ™‚

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