Rise and Shine

Gooood morning everyone! Oh yes – up bright and early. I figured I’d fit a little post in before heading out for the day’s festivities. Today my brother graduates!

My mom has been staying with me (hence my lack of presence in the blogosphere) – and yesterday we had plenty of ‘mommy and me’ time around Boston and Cambridge.

The morning started out the usual way:

Strawberry/Banana/Maple Oats = Bomb

Lunch was pretty light – just two string cheese sticks and tabouleh (the entire container).

Then after prepping and being ready for public viewing – we headed out to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather. Originally, I had wanted a stop at JP Licks – but the line was out the door…it’s really good, but I was not feeling that patient.

The 'fit

We met up with my brother is Cambridge for dinner and ended up at the Asgard. They just redid their menu – and I was seriously impressed by the improvements they made. (And while we were there the Celtics managed to squeak out a win).

I got panko crusted haddock with blue crab ravioli. It also came with spinach. It was seriously like an entire fish that I got. HUGE. Eventually I just started picking the fish out of the crispy shell. It was delicious all together but the  fish itself was just awesome. My brother got their summer mixed grill which he said was really good, too (It was…I had a bite). My mom’s meal was amazing. It was essentially their version of Salade Niçoise and – oh my- was it good!?! The dressing was to.die.for. It was the only thing I didn’t take a picture of…and I’m sad I didn’t.

Sorry for the crummy photo - it was really good, I swear

Greg's mixed grill

Oh – and I got a blueberry beer that was ddeeeelicious – even came with little blueberries in the glass. haha

Okay – I’m off to get ready and go watch my bro graduate. Have a wonderful Monday!!


10 thoughts on “Rise and Shine

  1. You look adorable in that outfit! Love shorts and a button down, perfect for summer 🙂 Blueberry beer definitely sounds like my kind of thing, fruit and beer are two of my favorites! Glad you’ve had fun with your mom, good luck to your brother at graduation!

  2. The blueberry beer sounds awesome but those morning oats…the “regular” looks incredible!!

    I’m hostin’ a little giveaway for organic preserves and thought it would go PERFECT in your oats! Does strawberry basil jam and blueberry merlot sound good to you? 🙂

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