I got it from my momma

Remember that song? haha Ohhh man – memories – Will.I.Am. … you slay me.

This does have a tie in though – I swear. Today is my beautiful mother’s birthday!!!! I’m sad I cannot spend it with her… :(… but I’ll do the next best thing by professing my love in a blog post. Obviously the best of gifts, right? haha

Isn't she adorbs??

We are a tall fam - my mom is the petite one...at 5'6" - 5'7"...

Mom, thank you for being you. You’re a caring, wonderful, strong woman and I am so lucky to have you – not just as my motherย  – but as a friend. Happy, happy birthday and lots of love.

My eats over the last couple of days have been alllll ovah the place – as my eats mirror how my life has been lately. Like I mentioned, 7-ish weeks of classes have started (is it odd that I honestly do not know how long this little summer semester will be lasting?? I keep getting conflicting reports, haha) and it’s thrown me for a loop. You wouldn’t think that something as short as 3 weeks of break would have that effect…but it’s as if I had never taken a course in my life.

Here are some of my latest obsessions:

Snow peas – crunchy, cool, sweet and delicious.

Oats – of the overnight and stove-top variety.

Maple overnight oats - yum. And yes, that'd be honey-nut wheat germ on top. Am I 80?

Stove-top with blackberyy jam - divine.

Obviously...didn't like it... hah.

Nutella – need I say more??

I am off…because I have lots that I have to accomplish before 4p.m. I hope you all are absolutely wonderful and that your week has been fabulous! How is it Thursday already?? Ahh!

  • Have you had any food obsessions as of late?? Oats have definitely been it for me…the ease of overnight oats has been a lifesaver.

12 thoughts on “I got it from my momma

  1. Happy birthday to your mom! And yes, I do remember that song. Hilarious. Maple overnight oats?! Can I get a recipe?! I’d say my recent food obsession is Justin’s maple almond butter.. I finally found it at Fresh Market and my life has since been changed for the better! Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it is yummy.

    • I don’t follow a recipe per say – but I just make overnight oats with whatever liquid(s) I feel like and then add about a teaspoon of vanilla extract, some cinnamon and some maple syrup and just let it sit overnight – and then add some more maple on top if I feel like a lil more ๐Ÿ™‚

    happy happy bday to your momma! maple overnight oats sound AMAZING! oh my goshh! food obsession-savory sweet tater fries! SO good!

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