So Random

Hello loves! My Goodness – two days feels like an eternity away from the blog, am I right? They weren’t a part of an intentional blog detox, but they were a couple of really great days. I stepped away from the blog, and for the most part, the camera.

I snapped some photos of breakfasts and whatnot – but overall – I just enjoyed a weekend with friends.

Friday was a lazy day – just relaxed, laughed at truly terrible television and just enjoyed life.

Saturday night was awesome – we (me, my bro, my neighbor and a friend) went and saw a band that my friend was familiar with because they usually play at his college in Maine- I honestly have no idea what the name of the band was – and that isn’t because of the drinks I had, haha. I just don’t know – they said it once, but it wasn’t very clear – Rustic … something. Anyway – they were awesome and I had a great night out with friends.

Plus – people watching at bars is pretty much the most amazing thing ever. There was a rugby team doing a pub crawl that was bull-fighting themed…there was a guy dressed up as a cow and then everyone else in all white. Also – a large percentage of men wearing parachute-esque cargo pants. Not a good look, guys. I didn’t bring my camera with me – so alas…no pics of the hilarity.

I did have some pretty great eats – though most of them went undocumented. My love for Nutella continues – as well as some awesome strawberry shortcake from my mom. She also made this taco soup that was bombbbb…so simple and I think I’m going to try to make a veggie version of it!

Now I’m back in Boston – and weather this week is supposed to be nice and summery…even hitting 90 on Tues. Luckily, I just got this little bad boy in:

I’m not a fan of skyrocketing electric bills – so this puppy will be used in extreme moderation, but more than anything it’ll make sleeping at night more comfortable as it gets hot and humid – like all New England summers do.

My sunflowers managed to survive their abandonment this weekend (though they are creeping towards their last days) – I brought back some flowers that our family friend grew so that they’d have someone to chill with. The Korean Lilac is aaaamazing – my apartment smells just so perfume-y (in the best way), and I cannot wait for the other flowers to open up.

This post was lacking in eats photos and full of the most random things – but I’ll make up for it this week – promise. ๐Ÿ˜›ย  Great eats!!

  • How was everyone’s weekend??? I hope fantastic!!

14 thoughts on “So Random

  1. Are those things easy to install? It’s super hot up here on the 4th…especially with all the cooking I do! I always had central AC down in FL so I haven’t a clue how to install a window unit! Hope your busy summer yields some fantastic rewards!

    • Hey hun! Yeah they’re pretty easy – but I’d say they’re a two person job (just to make sure it doesn’t go tumbling down to the sidewalk). I would imagine it gets toasty!! If you want to install one let me know and I’ll come over and (hopefully) be helpful! haha I’ll facebook you about this, too – I dunno if it really notifies or anything like that.

  2. it’s nice to take a “blog detox!” i feel like we who blog our minute details sometimes let THAT take over so good for you for putting down the camera and walking away!!

  3. I love your Nutella obsession…reminds me so much of my childhood! And I’m with you on the window air conditioner, I try not to use mine too much but sometimes it’s necessary! Hope you have a wonderful week love!!

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