Edited: Revelation (not so much)

Hello, hello!!

I knew today was going to be hot when I woke up… well, the weather forecast was helpful, too..but it was almost 80 degrees when I rolled out bed this morning. Okay, that’s a lie…I didn’t roll..more like SPRANG out of bed because some construction company decided it would be best to break out the circular saw during the weeee hours (and by wee hours I mean 8:30 – so I’m being a little overly dramatic here. haha).

Even though it was hot out I was feelin’ pretty B.A. Can you feel B.A. in a sundress? Okay, I’ve decided…yes.you.can.

Don't mind my recycling...

My morning starting off with great eats and with a surprising revelation. Let’s go with the eats first…chocolaty (VERY) POM overnight oats. Pretty much added a banana and some unsweetened cocoa to the mixture (minus the jam) I had yesterday (though obviously I overnighted them instead of stove-topped). These were seriously delectable and so easy.

*Spiel (and yes, I totally looked the spelling up because – personally I’ve always pronounced it “schpeel”…ahh yiddish, I love you) removed after the other revelation: that there was confusion between the website and my bottle on serving size :)*

Okay…now my realization has become confusion…because well – now my creamer and the website say two different things on the nutrition label. My creamer saying the serving is a tablespoon (apparently I was seeing things earlier)…and the site saying it’s a teaspoon. I’m assuming the site is the typo considering 15 mL is a lot more than a teaspoon. I tweeted them. haha

The rest of the day was splendid even though it was toasty out. I decided to venture out for a Starbucks iced tea. Plus, the people watching is always good on a day like today.

I also munched on some snow peas before heading out – class, class, class. Joys. haha

Oh, and a pudding… haha.

I also stopped and picked up snackies for class.

Just a few of my munchies

When dinner-time rolled around, I was ready. I paired brown rice with the soup I made last night. Deeelicious. I had 2 bowls. πŸ˜€

Tonight is a good night:





I’m off! Hope you all are wonderful!!


8 thoughts on “Edited: Revelation (not so much)

  1. I’d like to hope it’s possible to look BA in a sundress, otherwise my hopes of ever looking cool are shot to hell. Those raspberries are making me crave some overnight oats- maybe I’ll whip some up for lunch!!

  2. Can you believe that Gaga/Glee episode? I really don’t know how I survived. Basically my two biggest obsessions over the past year combined into one. Whaaattttt!! The only bad thing about Glee: No Sue.

    It is DEFINITELY possible to look b.a. in a sundress. I do it regularly πŸ˜‰

    We are sooo on the same wavelength with the pom+chocolate!!! I’ve been using pom juice+cocoa powder in smoothies, it’s amazing. But I think I’ll have to try this overnight oats thing! It’s been so hot I haven’t wanted oats but overnight oats are cold haha..

    I love the berry header, it’s so pretty.

    • I know – after the fact I realized there was no Sue…I would have loved to see her in a Gaga outfit!!!! I’ve been obsessed with pomegranate and chocolate ever since I tried the chocolate covered dried pomegranate seeds from Trader Joe’s…the choco oats with the POM reminded me of them!!

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