Whew – it is HOT out there!! It fluctuated between 92 and 96 degrees today…I’ve never been more thankful for an air conditioner. Plus, if I hadn’t had an AC – I probably would have spent today holed up in a coffee shop or a library.

I woke up at 5:30am parrrrched! I don’t run my AC overnight, and I had to get up…chug water (I felt hungover) and turn that sucker on!

I managed to sleep for a few more hours (turning off my AC at around 6:30), and even though it was warm (read: 80 degrees) – I wanted a cup of coffee. There’s just something so comforting about it. For those wondering, my creamer crisis has been resolved. haha Yum. Perfect.

After a warm cup of joe, I wanted something cold – and I decided to deviate from my oats. A smooothie was in order, and I decided I wanted to have fun with it. I had fresh mango, strawberries and raspberries in my fridge so I decided to make a tie-dye-esque (enough hyphens for ya?) I did the mango first with water, a little Truvia and TJ’s orange, peach, mango juice. Then I did some POM, raspberries, strawberries, some Truvia and a teeeeny bit of vanilla. …and layer and swirl! haha

I had envisioned it swirling more in my head, but it was still pretty, delicious and it reminded me of my recent trip to Vegas – sans the booze…though – as an afterthought- this would be AWESOME with a little rum or vodka!

I did course work all morning, and was very ready for lunch when the time rolled around.

Arugula, tempeh, Babybel light, snow peas, mixture of mustard and balsamic dressing

Midafternoon munching?… pudding cup! Dulche de leche goodness.

I worked on a lab throughout the afternoon and was pretty darn productive – my apartment was sort of baking in the sun at that point so I upped the AC…this also gave me the opportunity to use my oven and bake up some sweet potato fries and some barbecue tempeh!

So good – had some (read: a lot) of snow peas with this as well…they just went unpictured.

I plan on spending my evening cleaning, hydrating, getting caught up on work/e-mails, and planning my weekend! haha …is it Friday yet?? ๐Ÿ˜›

Hope you are all splendid and someplace cool!!


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