Hello, hello lovelies! Well – today has been a long one that is for sure! Exam – check…Lab – check. Now, I can sit back relax and blog!! Woo! Unfortunately, my lab will have me posting at wonky times throughout June…mostly because there is no set time when we get out…it’s when you finish. haha

Anyway – onnnn to my eats!

I slept in this morning (9:30 or so) – I think the restlessness from the other night caught up with me. Either way, I awoke refreshed and ready for my java. πŸ™‚

I sipped on that while catching up on blogs and some coursework, and eventually decided I should put something else in my stomach. TJ’s honey Greek yogurt with a little more honey on top? Please and thank you.

Lunch was both a success and a failure. Success – sauteed, crispy BBQ tempeh that had been marinating from the night before. Failure – wilted greens. Bleh..they were just not good.

These two beauties got me through class and lab (pictures courtesy of the Larabar website):


Once home from class I conjured up something magical out of leftovers. Rice and beans (and veggies). Basically – took rice, took mostly beans and veggies from my soup (leaving broth behind this time – even though I love it) – and voila!

Okay so it may not look like much – but it was delicious (I’ve been lovin’ the word, haven’t I?? Ahh, too tired to get creative) and definitely hit the spot!!

I’m off to relax – happy almost Friday!


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