Oh, make me over…

Evening bloggies!! I hope you are well – today has been a fullllll day so far!ย  Not full in a bad way – but just full. I was up briiiight and early despite the fact that I tossed and turned until 2am. Just had a lot of stuff running through my head – including the fact that I kind of want to do a blog overhaul – a makeover for PLM, if you will. Not a content change -obvs food is the center of attention – but just tweaking the site a little. We shall see!

Coffee was a definite this morning – is it ever not?. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve taken to reaaaalllly shaking up my creamer before pouring…it makes for nice little bit of frothy-goodness.

I also made myself a big ole smoothie after I cleaned/moved furniture around my apartment. This smoothie was very similar to the one I made the other day – it involved about 1/4 c. of POM, 1 c raspberries and 1 strawberry (it was the only one that was still any good!), Truvia, and some vanilla extract (very little – just enough to balance out some of the “sour” flavor from the fruit). Then (obviously you can do these all together and just blend once but I like having a little extra fun), 1/4 c Trader Joe’s Orange Peach Mango juice, 4 big slices of mango and a little Truvia – blend. Pour, swirl enjoy!

I munched throughout the afternoon – no real meal, per say – and I only managed to catch the end of a wheel of mini Babybel cheese!

Then I went on an adventure with my friend Katharine to the Copley Square Farmer’s Market. Woo! It’s not very big but there were still some great vendors. I had actually stopped by earlier the day when I did some banking errands so the food I got were the product of two trips!

Local Cranberry-Orange Goat Cheese from Crystal Brook Farm – YUM. You best believe I tried this the moment I was back in my apartment

Gorgeous and absolutely divine.

I also picked up some red kale from Atlas Farm – I’ve never used kale before and this one was described as being more mild in flavor – so I figured I’d test the water before jumping into the deep end. They had multiple varieties though – as well as a million other greens and starter plants – and it was only $2.50 for the whole bunch!

I also picked up some granola from Cook’s Farm and Bakery – nom. I tried this, too. It’s not super dense – which I love. It’s still crunchy but it’s not overly crunchy or “candied.”

I have yet to eat dinner – but I’m not sure what the evening has in store for me so I wanted to get in a post while I could! I hope everyone has a great looking weekend ahead of them!


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