Forget me nots

Hello, hello! I went off the grid for a couple of days, and ended up in NH and at my beach house!! It’s been a lovely weekend, and considering the spring/summer weather we had here last summer (June consisted of 26 days of rain) – I soaked up the wonderful weather, got a little bit of a tan (was careful though – wear your sunscreen!), ate wonderful food and visited with family that I hadn’t seen in some time!

One of the reasons you haven’t heard from me this weekend…is because I forgot my camera in Boston! Ahh! And my phone, as great as it is for other things, does not have a camera on it (it’s time for an upgrade though). I would have been awesome to have some shots of the beach yesterday because it was just gorgeous out.

Old pic - from our patio circa 2008

circa 2008

There’s just something about the beach that slows life down a little bit – plus, I discovered that Sam Adams now makes a blackberry beer – their Blackberry Witbeir that is great! and another one called Latitude 48 that’s good, too! Never seen ’em before yesterday!

Nothing like a weekend full of cookouts, some great beer and great company to bring in the summer! – I hope you all are wonderful!!!

2 thoughts on “Forget me nots

  1. I recently discovered soy beans in tomato sauce…yum! Lots of fibre and a whopping 20g of protein per serving. They are my new favorite meat substitute.

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