The Late Show

Evening bloggies!! Oh my – it was a long one tonight. Osmosis lab. Over and hour of pretty much doing nothing but waiting for water to move. Exciting, I know. haha The actual activities in the rest of my day were probably just as exciting so I will spare you the boring little details.

My morning started out with a little excitement…

Woopsy. haha It has been super warm and humid…so I’ve been obsessed with water and fresh lemon lately. It makes sense considering I have about 15 lemons just chillin’ in my house.

Lunch was simple – but super delicious. I warmed up leftover brown rice with a cranberry balsamic vinaigrette and tossed in some of that awesome local cranberry/orange goat cheese. Phenomenal.

Of course – I packed up (and bought) some Lara Bars…seriously, I think they my motivation to go to class…go to class get Lara Bar. A reward if you will. Genius. and delicious.

I’d never had a Steaz beverage before…I don’t know if it gave me energy or not, but it was good. Kind of reminiscent of Red Bull but without the chemically “flavor”. I’m glad I had two bars…it was a long night.

Finally, I got to go home and make dinner – which I assembled rapidly and randomly…and it was delicious!! Red kale + tempeh + barbecue sauce + garlic and onion power = awesome! I paired it with some cold baked beans. Mmm fabulous and fast meal.

The lighting is terrible but it was fabulous!

I hope all of you are doing well!!!


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