A Little Bit'a This

Hello, hello loves! I’m glad to be back for a real post. haha I just got back into Boston after relishing my last sane weekend for probably at least a month. It was glorious (until about 1pm today when I may have had a minor freak-out..), but all things aside I am excited for what’s ahead of me.

I’ve got a great internship starting tomorrow. I am really lucky to be gaining professional experience and getting paid as well. Paychecks are always a wonderful thing. For the next month my full-time internship and my full-time summer course load will overlap, and undoubtedly be stressful…but I will, at the very least, try to navigate those waters with grace. haha Wish me luck! πŸ™‚

Speaking of water … crazy storm here in Boston. You should see all of the trees down (and all of the cars crushed). It’s nuts. I do not have any pictures of my own but…seriously crazy damage.

Via @ncoolidge:

"West cedar street! @BostonTweet"

Via @MJRod2142:

"2 cars destroyed from a tree down in Coolidge Corner"

"Another view of the two cars destroyed in Coolidge Corner. Nobody was hurt.".

Craziness. Very glad no one was hurt!

Anyway – onto more joyous things! Food is always a good thing. πŸ™‚

As always – with a weekend home – it was a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Iced tea deliciousness from the 99

Teeny buff chix sandwiches - cute and spicy!

Nutella makes the world go 'round - okay, my world at least.

Cheesy eggs

I've said it a million times - but my mom is the queen of soups

Now that my schedule is more permanent – my eating habits with hopefully improve a bit…I’m usually good during the week, but it’s the weekends that damn me! haha

I hope you all are absolutely wonderful and that your weekend was an amazing one!


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