First Day

Evening everyone!! I hope you all are doing well! I am definitely tired, but I had a really great first day at work. My day was filled with learning the ins and outs of my department – though I can’t speak on much of it due to confidentiality … it’s not blog stuff anyway. haha

I was up bright and early (and before my alarm). I had precoffee-m-set my aker so coffee was waiting for me when I got my butt out of bed.

I packed up my lunch for the day – some of Mom’s soup, some cheese and some dried fruit. Deeelish. I had a very pleasant lunch on the 13th floor this afternoon.

I got dressed for the occasion – and not really knowing the strength of their AC (you never know some places can be freeezing) I opted for pants and a button up for the first day. Plus, it’s always nice to play it safe until you see what other people where and what is really deemed appropriate business attire.

My hip/waist blends with the comforter. hah.

Once out the door – I enjoyed a lovely walk to work and then a lovely day. I learned too many names for me to possibly remember – but I do remember a few. haha

I will admit – I needed some caffeine halfway through the day. Thank you, Starbucks. It also doesn’t hurt that there is a lovely park near my work to enjoy said Starbucks.

I got home and went out to get a few essentials and snacky items. My bro is visiting for a couple days before he goes on a little vacay.

Oh, by the way…Honey Sesame Almonds from Trader Joe’s? Amazing.

Dinner ended up being the brown rice, cranberry balsamic vinaigrette, and cranberrry/orange goat cheese combo that I had discovered last week. Mmm…Iย  love how the goat cheese just softens slightly with the warmth of the rice.

Ahh – so now I’m off! Lots to do tonight before I officially crash (and oh, I will).


18 thoughts on “First Day

  1. I hope you had a good first day – it sounds like it. As far as I’m concerned professionally made coffee, be it Starbucks, Dunks, or Gloria Jeans, is a requirement of important days. A little reward that perks you up and helps you get going.

  2. cute outfit!!!! i start my job in august and having a cosi in my bldg and a starbucks around the corner on high street are the best parts of the job aha jk. love your rice/cheese combo!

  3. I remember the first summer I interned in NY…It was soooooo hot outside but so cold inside…and I had to walk through manhattan with an iced coffee to keep cool before being shocked by AC.

    Sounds like you fueled yourself greatly for the first day!

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