Ice Cream Party

Hello, loves! I had planned to post last night – but my utter exhaustion caught up with me and after I stuffed my face I simply crashed. Exciting, I know. haha

Let’s start with Friday, k? K.

After class/lab the night before (and once again getting stuck in the middle of the Lakers’ police escort to the Garden – so happy the Celtics pulled off a win),ย  the 6 hours of sleep *maybe* that I got before heading to work was not enough.

Therefore, coffee was extremely necessary.

I dressed myself -for possibly the best day out of the next 4- and skipped breakfast in favor of fruit and a muffin during our morning meeting.

My day started off with seeing a dog get *technically* hit by a car at the corner of Dartmouth and Beacon. My heart literally leaped into my throat. Luckily, it was more of a “the dog ran into the drivers side door of the car” thing, and he was absolutely okay.

I felt so bad for his owner who was running after him screaming…the dog must have just made a break for it from the house. Luckily – the dog was absolutely fine. I feltย  bad for the driver; I can’t imaging the horror of thinking you’d hurt/killed an animal.ย  He was so nice and stopped to make sure the dog was okay. Plus, the Boston police officers who were working up the street, and had seen the guy running after his dog, were nice enough to come down and check on everything, too.

The scare aside, the rest of my day was great. We had a long morning meeting, we got sweet mugs – you know I’m a sucker for a good mug- (see Greg, they are still utilizing your ideas!), and then in the afternoon we got a free ice cream sundae bar! haha Yes, I work at a bank.

I got cookie dough ice cream, with strawberry sauce, mini-Reeses Pieces, mini-Snow Caps, whipped cream and sprinkles. Whether you’re 20 or 60, a secretary or an executive – everyone is a kid when there’s free ice cream. You should have seen the line. haha

Oh, and yes – I did eat a real lunch, too. haha Herby turkey again.

After work, I went out for a few drinks with some of the people I work with. It was great to get to know everyone outside of work.

Once, I was home though exhaustion hit (I think I probably looked like a zombie) – and so did the carb cravings. Seriously, I think my body was like “You’ve run yourself ragged, you need carbs!” I happily obliged. Everything Pretzel Thins from TJ’s and a bbq chicken pizza!

I was tired. I slept for 12 hours. haha When I woke up a set to work cleaning the apartment which was a mess due to the fact that I’d had to empty the under the counter/sink cabinets for routine extermination checks (no rodents up in here! haha).

Also, a soft serve ice cream truck sat outside my building for an hour. I’d never seen a soft serve truck before…like real, legit ice cream… I resisted but it was cute seeing ALL of the little kids and their parents swarm it! haha If he comes back next Saturday I will definitely get some though.

I’ve just been grazing and enjoying the relaxed pace of today. I think I’m going out to dinner tonight – but we’ll see.

I hope you all are wonderful!!


12 thoughts on “Ice Cream Party

  1. You always look so good! Then again you are eating some DELICIOUS looking foods so it’s not that surprising. Ice Cream is my all time favorite treat especially soft serve – you need to give it a try. There are still a few places that will dip it in a hard chocolate, banana, or cherry shell which is unbelievable! MUST try!

  2. okay FIRST of all- you look freakin HOT!! love that dress!!
    umm YES PLEASE to the sundaae bar!!!! yumm!! SOFT SERVE ROCKS.
    and you= THE PIZZA QUEEEN!

    • Aww. thank you lovie! Seriously…I was like ice cream – at work?- on a Friday? SCORE! haha and aww, I WISH I could take credit for that pizza creation, but it’s a Trader Joe’s frozen. I have some whole wheat pizza dough that’s just been chillin in my freezer (no pun intended haha). I need to get on that.

  3. Wow what a fun place to work!! Sundaes are the bomb ๐Ÿ™‚ and so are ice cream trucks. I legit chased one down the street the other day. Kinda embarassing but dip cones are worth it. Love your blog girl!

  4. You look great!..Nice outfit!’
    We have an icecream truck that comes by my house a few nights a week…I have only ever indulged once, and it was the best softserve I have ever had :D:D Hope you enjoy some soon!

  5. So creepy that you mentioned this- when I took the train into Philly on Friday, an entire side of the tracks was closed because a woman had run onto the tracks chasing her dog. She didn’t make it- it made me so sad.

    I’ve never bought something from an ice cream truck!! Not many in farm country, haha. So fun that you got free ice cream at work though- who doesn’t love that?

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