Suddenly Seymour

Evening bloggies!! I hope you have had a stellar weekend. It’s been a busy one – in the best way possible. Saturday was spent trekking around the city (during intermittent rain) eating yummy falafel and hummus (forgot my camera – boo…but you’ve seen Cafe Jaffa’s delicious goodies before!), going to the movies and avoiding (and sometimes being quite annoyed with) the number of tourists in town for the Health and Fitness Expo (it was free, but we never ended up going), the Red Sox/Phillies game, the Pride parade and the continuing Celtics/Lakers playoff matchup.

I will say this – my eats have been less than healthy this weekend. I think it was a combination of treating myself for a great first week (woo! you’ve got to celebrate the little things!) and then just sort of being off track the rest of the weekend.

I don’t regret any of it – however, with beach time approaching (although you wouldn’t know it by this weather) I want to look and feel the best that I can. As I’ve said before….it’s not about restriction or the superficial. I just know that I feel good when I eat well.

No, these are not great for you – but yes, nachos are delicious. haha

No words for how delicious these are.

A random impulse purchase than ended up being a wonderful discovery.

Yes, there are little chunks of apple in the sausage…and it is amazing added to my goat cheese, brown rice, cranberry balsamic mixture.

I also got some awesome mail from Foodbuzz on Saturday!

The Foodbuzz Tastemakers program gave out coupons, along with Buitoni, for their new meals. I’m really looking forward to using my coupon and getting one of them! They sound wonderful.

Also, my mom was awesome and found me the DVD of “Little Shop of Horrors” – yes, the 1986 movie-musical about a giant man-eating alien plant, a geeky guy, a squeaky-voiced blond, and a sadist dentist. Yes, I love it. haha

“Feed me, Seymour!!” – okay, theatre geek moment there. Seriously, though, this was the second musical that I ever watched and fell in love with (after Grease, of course) in 5th grade, and watching it now, I can appreciate how the movie is actually set up more like a stage show.

I’m relaxing for the rest of the evening – figuring out lunch and what I’m going to wear…you know the important things. haha

I hope you are all wonderful!

6 thoughts on “Suddenly Seymour

  1. I love Tostito’s too and honestly, I don’t think they are TOO terrible for you! There are definitely worse chips you could be eating. And my impulse buys at TJ’s always end up being wonderful. Those dark choco cranberries look goood!

  2. I was in Little Shop in high school! Ah, memories. Glad you had a good weekend- sometimes it’s nice to indulge a little and then get back on track. I always eat cleaner when I’ve been particularly indulgent for a few days! Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday love πŸ™‚

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