Testing Time

Evening everyone! I still have yet to get used to my schedule…even with a full night’s sleep behind me and copious amounts of tea…I crashed last night. Plus, even though I crashed early – I hit the snooze button over and over and over and over and over…. well, you get the idea. I guess I decided I would test my timing this morning…giving myself only a half hour before I needed to be up, caffeinated, fed, presentable and out the door. haha 🙂

Tonight is one of my late nights *luckily that is ending soon! yay!* – hence the posting at almost 10pm. Heck…hence the eating dinner at around 9:20p.m.

Anyway – the eats have been good. I wanted to try out a new lunch spot today – a kebab house – but when I saw the line out the door (though FABULOUS sign for the food) I decided I’d just go with the norm. Oh, and I’ve decided class days are also “don’t bring your lunch you already have too much to carry” days. Bruegger’s it was…again. It sounds like I’m saying a settled for it – but really, it’s so delicious…it’s anything but settling. Since you’ve already seen two of those  – I’ll leave you with the other things that have been gobbled up by me in the past couple of days.


Goat cheese + brown rice + cranberry balsamic + dried pom seeds

What powers me through the 2nd half of the day

TJ's apple chicken sausage, egg whites, hot sauce, spinach and cheese. Divine.

Buffalo "chicken" + mustard

Well – it continues to be busy, but I hope you are all wonderful!!!


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