Beans and Greens

Ahh, hello loves! It’s been quite the frantic week on my end – you do not even want to see the state of my apartment right now…goodness. The kitchen is clean though…and that’s all that matters after a looong day of work and class.

Work has been good – I’m really enjoying myself even if I’m running on steam at the end of the week due to having my course load on top of work. I can’t say too much about it though – a new social media policy was issued todayย  – basically, I can’t tell you a whole lot…other than the fact that I really am truly enjoying myself and learning a ton.

My eats have been fairly repetitive – and on the go. Lack of time = lack of inspiration…also lack of time means not packing a lunch Tues, Wedย  and Thurs. haha

My cup of sanity

Tea gets me through the day

I have been on a Bruegger’s kick as of late (today included), but I did try a new place out on Wednesday called the Bean and Leaf Cafe – and contrary to what it sounds like, it isn’t a vegetarian place. However, the name intrigued me, and I pounced.

When I saw that they had a falafel and hummus wrap on the menu I did a little happy dance internally. Ordered. Pita + hummus + lettuce + tomato + feta + falafel + tahini. It was good. Unfortunately, the most disappointing thing was that the falafel were on the dry side, but the hummus and whatnot more than made up for that, and I will definitely go back and try more things….I also think that I’ve been spoiled with exceptional falafel experiences in the past. ๐Ÿ™‚

Other than that, fairly standard fare.

I do really love working in an area of the city that I am not all that familiar with, and getting to discover new little restaurants and whatnot. This week behind me, I’ve truly decided that I am going to treat myself to a meal out once a week (unless, obviously a situation calls for more than once…I wouldn’t complain ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). My wallet will thank me for making it once a week, and my stomach will thank me for a glorious meal out…for sure. haha

Anyone find any great little (or not so little) places lately?


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