Promises to keep

Hi lovesss! Ah, I’ve been so neglectful, and I’m sorry! It’s not that I don’t think about blogging – in fact every new meal, food or restaurant automatically goes into the “Oh! This would be so good for the blog!” file in my head – unfortunately…the time necessary to truly blog (unlike this post which is sort of hectic) hasn’t been available. I proooomise – I’ll be back to normal postage soon. It’s the last week and a half of my semester so …essentially finals have come upon me, along with of course…the job (which is going well!)

Kidding! ๐Ÿ™‚ I've stayed afloat...there is just lots to get done!


I have too much to say, and not enough time to say it – so I’ll save it for when I have the time actually do it justice.

Miss you all (and hopefully you’re still out there!)


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