Kindness Counts

Hello, loves! Ahh – okay – wow…first real post in forever?

It feels so odd. It has been 5 days since my last post (a record!) so I hope you gals (and guys?) are still with me. I’ve been neglecting the blog and comments (I will respond…I love your comments! Know that I read them all and absolutely cherish them!) in favor of a few minutes of extra sleep or that project that just never seems to end.

Life has been super hectic and a combination of rushing out the door and forgetting my camera, exhaustion, long nights in the lab and lots of work do to has coupled with a lack of time on the Internet, in general, (aside from at work, but I can’t upload photos from work…life would be perfect if I could though, right?!)

Though life has been hectic – I have to stress that it has been really good. I’m busy, but I am getting a lot out of life, right? =) Sometimes life has to take presidence to the blog – but I miss writing, sharing what I munch on and interacting with all of you wonderful people!

I have some photos of what I’ve eaten recently – but lets focus on the present, right?? Plus, those eats weren’t all that special anyway. 🙂

Of course, coffee has been a staple in my life. Busy, busy, busy (caffeinated) bee over here!

I also picked up some new granola – it’s pretty good; I’m not 100% on how I feel about it though.I’m also not sure why I decided I needed the ULTRA protein version – but whatevs. =) It is crunchy and peanut buttery and goes well with my yogurt.

Plus, of course, Lara has been ever present.

My pledge to only eat out once a week has kind of derailed – I plan on truly doing that though once my courses are finished up. The craziness of it all has meant that packing my own lunch has not been a priority (grocery shopping was also shoved to the bottom of the list – I did that yesterday though!)

Today lunch was from Cosi. Love them – so much. Their bread is awesome – and hot out of the hearth. Can’t get much better than that.  I got the Tuscan Pesto Chicken which is delicious. I also studied while munching on said sandwich.

Speaking of studying – took an exam tonight (fingers crossed) and then ran over to Whole Foods for some nourishment. haha I actually ran into one of my coworkers, too! I grabbed some unpictured watermelon – nom -, some VitaminWater (because obviously I’m obsessed) and what I can only see as becoming an ultimate obsession – a KIND Bar (this one, “PLUS”)Mango Macadamia to be preicise. Oh.My.Gosh! Why didn’t I try one of these babies earlier. Party in my mouth.

Obviously...already devoured. haha

Dinner was a quick and easy resurrection of an addiction. [Chunky] PB & J rollups!!

Quick and easy. Perfect. I’m off for some much needed shut-eye….I hope you all are absolutely amazing!!

  • Fill me in on your lives, what have I missed?!?!? =)

5 thoughts on “Kindness Counts

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    • I juuust picked it up for the first time (mostly because it the most affordable natural PB they had in my store!). However, I’ve really come to love it. Also, the granola is pretty good – there’s just something a little off, for me at least…I just can’t put my finger on it. Overall, it’s really good though.

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