Finding favorites

Woo – we are more than halfway through the week! πŸ˜€

Evening, loves. How’s everyone doin?? I know…what is this? Posts…multiple…in a row? Shocker. haha

My morning got off to a slowwww start. I pushed the snooze button one too many times and managed to get myself up, coffee made, lunch made, breakfast consumed and make myself acceptably presentable before rushing out the door for the T. Stepping outside was like hitting a wall though…whew was it muggy or what this morning in Boston??

Of course, coffee came in the ONLY clean mug I had left (I need to do a load of dishes haha). Disney! This mug always reminds me of my best friend.

Speaking of Disney, I’ve only heard amazing things about Toy Story 3. I really want to go see it. Maybe I can convince someone this weekend.

Anyway – back to the morning. I hastily assembled a never-ending obsession…PB&J roll ups (I’ve been obsessed with Teddie Super Chunky All Natural lately). I also threw a big ole apple in there.

My morning was long and I didn’t get to dive into lunch until late. However, I ate lunch – with a (gray) view. It looks like terrible weather in the photo, but it was really nice out…and the clouds passed and it was beautiful not too much later.

I came home and immediately dug into banana bread (Lara-style).

Dinner was a combo of spinach, brown rice and hot sauce and Morningstar Farm’s Buffalo Wings. Delicious.

I love revisiting favorites…the buffalo wings, the pb rollups…nom.

  • Any favorites you find yourself revisiting again and again?

I hope you all are wonderful!! ❀


13 thoughts on “Finding favorites

  1. I LOVE those buffalo nuggets. Chase saw me eating them one day and was like, can I have some? and of course I didn’t want to share, so I was like “THEY’RE NOT REAL CHICKEN!” thinking it would scare him. But he tried one and loved it! unfortunately for me, that means they must be shared now. dangit.

  2. I tend to get bored of the same foods really quickly, so I don’t even know what some of my favorites are. I love guacamole, I could live off of that!

  3. banana bread larabars are soooo incredibly good!! & toy story 3 is amazing πŸ™‚ go see it!! old favorites? hmm… none that i can think of at the moment, maybe i should change that haha

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