Get Cosi & Surprises!

Hello, loves! Whew…today was an eventful one – that is for sure.

It was – again – a slow morning. I don’t know why, but this week has been rough in terms of getting up. The snooze (and I totally just typed “Snooki”) button has been getting a workout.

Coffee is my friend.

I also had a late, late lunch this afternoon – buuusy day! I went to Cosi again – because…they are amazing. I don’t need any other reason than that. haha I didn’t pack a lunch because of class…one less thing to have to carry! I got the Cosi Club this time around. YUM. I love that they use turkey tenders (not breaded tenders…just tenders).

It was delicious..and totally worth the wait. It was so delicious in fact that I almost forgot to take a photo…which I managed to do towards the end, in between great, big bites. Plus, the fact that my lunch was so late meant that it wasn’t rush time, and the restaurant wasn’t buzzing like it always is at lunch rush (for good reason!) was nice and relaxing…and the AC felt divine.

Class went well – sucked down a latte. πŸ™‚ I think it’s more to keep me “busy” during class rather than for the caffeine component.

On my way out of class,Β  I encountered a NUMBER (okay 2 is that number) of surprises!!

1. They were filming the Anna Faris movie What’s Your Number? at the 21st Amendment.

The even bigger surprise with the movie though was that suddenly I saw a very familiar face! A friend of mine – who I hadn’t seen in FOREVER!- is working the movie!! I screamed at him from across the street, and the friends I was with thought I was screaming at a celebrity. hahaha

Nope – just making a fool out of myself, per usual. However, it was awesome to catch up with him briefly (and to stand on the set of a feature film – under the lights –Β  was pretty damn cool, too). However, though yes, the film thing was cool – the best part really was running into someone I hadn’t seen in forever. Such a small world, right?

and then 2. Once I left from talking to my friend, I finally was almost home…and BAM. I ran into the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge.

It was nuts!! There were tens of thousands of people running (for real, I checked). I had no idea it was even going on. It is for a great cause, too – Camp Harbor View.

So yes – those were my surprises for the day. haha An eventful walk home, right?

Once home – I realized how exhausted I was…and how hot I was…and that there was noooo way I was turning on a burner or the stove. So I apologize for my repetitiveness, but PB&J roll ups, baby. haha Deeeelish.

I hope you all are wonderful. Almost Friday!! Weee!


19 thoughts on “Get Cosi & Surprises!

  1. i love pb&j for quick meals and pre-workout fuelage!

    so cool about the film!
    makes me wish my summer job was in the city instead of brighton ugh. i love celeb sitings!

  2. there’s a cosi in my bldg at my internship last summer and i went almost every day! i start work there in the fall too so i know i will be there sooo much. the classic salad with the bread is so tasty too

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  5. Wow that’s amazing! i’d have tried to wangle myself a role in the movie;-)!

    i’m the same with juice…i don’t actually need to drink during class..but it keeps me busy and makes my lessons go quicker! only problem is i have to ask out to the toilet about ten times more than my other classmates!

    ya can never go wrong with pb&j roll ups;)! xx

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